Gift Code FAQ

How do I register a gift code?

Please follow the instructions sent with your gift code.

  • If you experience any issues, please try the following steps to redeem your gift code.

※Please be sure to complete these steps on a web browser (e.g. Chrome, Safari, IE)

  • New to DAZN customers

From the sign up page, please enter your gift code on PAYMENT DETAILS.

  • DAZN customers

Please enter your gift code for "Add a gift code" link on My Account page.

  • For more information of specific gift codes, please check the following pages:


SportsNavi Migration Access Code

DAZN Ticket (Convenience Store)  

DAZN Prepaid Cards

What type of user cannot apply the gift code?
  • Users registered through DAZN for docomo
  • Users that registered payment through Apple
  • Users that registered payment through Amazon IAP (In-App Purchasing)
  • Users that registered payment through Google Play Billing (In-App Purchasing)
  • Users that registered through the SoftBank Special Discount Plan
  • Users that currently have their account on ‘Pause’
  • Users that registered through the Mobile Carrier Billing
  • Users that registered through the Cable TV

※If you are currently using the ‘Pause’ function, please contact DAZN Customer Services .


※If you wish to use the gift code, please cancel your subscription via Apple ID, Amazon In App Payment, Google Play Billing, SoftBank Special Discount Plan, Mobile Carrier Billing, or payment via Cable TV.

Then, after you have confirmed that your current subscription has expired and confirmed you are unable to watch DAZN, please re-register and apply gift code to your account using web browser.

When does my gift code take effect?

Your gift code will take effect the day after your current subscription period ends. 


If you have created a new account, it will take effect the day after your free trial ends.

You can check your current subscription end date on My Account -> Subscription. 

Can I still change my payment method while using the gift code?

You may change payment methods from your “My Account” page. If you experience any issues, please contact customer service.

If I have registered a credit/debit card, will I be double charged?

No. While your gift code is in effect, your registered credit/debit card will not be charged. 

Can I cancel my account while using the gift code?

You may cancel your account at any time. But please be aware that you may only use your gift code once. If you cancel your account, you may not transfer the remaining viewing period elsewhere. 

What happens to my account once my gift code expires?

You will automatically be charged the monthly fee to the card you entered during registration.

If I start my subscription with a gift code but cancel my account during the free trial, how long is my viewing period?

You can watch until the gift code expires. But unfortunately, you cannot cancel the gift code once it has been applied.

Why do I get an error code when I enter my gift code and select「Apply」.
  • If the code has already been used
  • If the code is offered from another country
  • If the code has expired
  • If the code is not available yet
  • If there has been an input error(※)

※Please double-check the following group of characters as they may be difficult to differentiate:

・Upper-case “i” (I), Lower-case “L” (l), Number “One” (1). 

・Alphabet O (O or o), and the Number Zero “0”.

We apologize for the confusion.


Some codes are available only to new users, while others are to be used by existing subscribers only. Please refer to the instructions you received with your code.

How to confirm if the code has been applied?

Please check the “Next Charge Date” section on your My Account page. If you have successfully redeemed the code, it will be reflected in your next charge date.


Besides, please go forward next code after confirming “Next Charge Date” is reflected by registering first one for registering a couple of code.



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