I am unable to sign up

You may see the following error/message codes:
・Something Went Wrong
・There is already an account registered with this email address.
When you are having troubles signing up, please try the following steps:
Sign up page is:  
[Note]Your password must be at least 6 characters that are not in the same order as your registered name and E-mail address. It must contain more than one English alphabet letter and number.
If you are still having trouble signing up, please follow the steps below. 
1. Try using a different Internet browser.  If you are using Safari(For Mac), change to Chrome or Firefox.
2. Try accessing DAZN through a different network.  Switch from cell network to WiFi or other WiFi connections.
3. Try registering with a different E-mail address

■There is already an account registered with this email address.

You may have previously used that email address to create a DAZN account. Try to sign in, and if you cannot remember your password, read our How to reset your password FAQ to request a password reset. If you have reason to believe that someone else is using your email address on DAZN without your permission, contact our customer support who will be happy to help.

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