Eddie Hearn to meet with Deputy Prime Minister Dominic Raab following television debate

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Eddie Hearn

Eddie Hearn’s heated discussion with Peter McCabe regarding the impact of boxing in the local community is not slowing down. Last week, Hearn was a special guest on Good Morning Britain (GMB) as he fought boxing’s corner and the positive effects it can have on children. 

Since the debate, Hearn, despite promoting two events in Spain and Britain, has been faced with the subject at every interview opportunity. It was no different on the latest episode of The DAZN Boxing Show. A few days removed from the conversation with McCabe, Hearn is still passionate about his appearance on GMB. 

“Since then, I’ve actually spoken to the Deputy Prime Minister [Dominic Raab] here in the U.K.,” said Hearn when speaking on The DAZN Boxing Show. “We’re going to get together and talk about boxing because he’s a big believer in what boxing can do in the community. It would be great to see more money go into the local community and into the local boxing clubs. 

“It’s something that I just feel so passionate about. For someone to say that boxing promotes violence, it’s really frustrating to hear things like that because it’s the complete opposite. Boxing can shape your character and personality and make you such a better individual.” 

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