Should Tyson Fury fight Frank Sanchez next?

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The DAZN Boxing Show discussed five boxers they want to see Tyson Fury fight next.

Last weekend, WBC heavyweight champion Fury made light work of challenger Derek Chisora as he stopped him in the 10th round.

Some in boxing were underwhelmed by his choice of opponent for the outdoors clash at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium and many had hoped unified heavyweight champion Oleksandr Usyk would have been the man in the ring. 

After the fight, Fury called up Usyk to the ring and shouted pleasantries in his direction, and also suggested that if an Usyk fight could not be made, then Joe Joyce would be in line next.

Speaking on The DAZN Boxing Show, Akin ‘Ak’ Reyes has Usyk as his preferred candidate. 

He began: “We don’t know if the height is going to be too much of a threat for him, but we need to see it. We need to see it happen. We don’t know why the fight isn’t made yet, but that’s at the top of the list.”

Barak Bess agreed, saying: "100%. That’s the fight we all got to see, but according to Fury, Usyk is just a middleweight. But we know what this middleweight can do. He can box like a middleweight, he can move like a middleweight and he got a little bit of pop as well, but skills pay the bills. 

“Tyson Fury got to where he got just off skills, not really knocking anyone at the top level out. When he got to the [Wladimir] Klitschko level, he was moving all day. So if that’s what Usyk has to do, that’s what Usyk has to do.”

Ak also thinks that former champion Anthony Joshua would be a potential opponent for Fury, despite two losses to Usyk and another to Andy Ruiz. 

“I don’t care what people say about Joshua lost to Usyk, lost to Luiz. He is 6’ 6”, 6' 7”, 250lb, he poses a threat to Tyson Fury if he puts pressure on him. You can say Fury is the favourite, but that's a fight that country wants to see. I think that’s a bigger fight than Usyk, the biggest fight in the heavyweight division.”

As for Joyce, Reyes stated: “Joe Joyce is a big guy, stature he’s close to Tyson Fury. Joe Joyce is number three on his list, and I don’t see anyone else who could pose the threat because of the shots that he can take. He can withstand the storm to get his shots off.” 

Bess could also see Fury vs. Joyce working, commenting: “I love that little face-off. I think he deserves that number three spot because he is taking so many shots and eating them for lunch and I’m dying to see if anyone can hurt this man.”

Another option, believes Ak, is Andy Ruiz, “The guy that upset the apple cart against Anthony Joshua. Fast hand, heavy hitting. I’d like to see him against a big guy. He would be a heavy underdog.”

Bess said that he, “Liked Andy Ruiz against [Luis] Ottiz. He showed me something in that fight. I think he should not care about the weight, about how you look, and concentrate on training and getting in shape.” 

At five, Reyes concluded with: “Frank Sanchez. I think Frank Sanchez doesn't get talked about enough, he’s a very skilled heavyweight. Anyone against Fury is going to lack size. If anyone has the skill and hand speed to give Fury trouble, it’s Frank Sanchez.”


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