Dmitry Bivol vs. Gilberto Ramirez: The big fights that could await the winner

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Bivol v Ramirez announcement

If you would have asked me three years ago, ‘would Gilberto Ramirez stand a chance against Dmitry Bivol?’ then the answer would have been a resounding ‘no.’ But since his tough majority decision win over Jesse Hart, Ramirez has moved up to the light heavyweight division and has knocked out all five of his opponents within 10 rounds. In other words, he’s ready and this matchup should be a competitive one. If Bivol is victorious this Saturday Nov. 5 (live on DAZN), then awaiting him is a potential rematch with Canelo Alvarez.

Possible rematch with Canelo

Oddly enough, though, while it is his most lucrative option, I don’t believe it’s the fight he really wants. He understands that Canelo is the smaller guy and another victory, if obtained, will do nothing for his legacy in his division being that Canelo is at most a natural middleweight 15 pounds south of light heavyweight. Bivol is adamant about proving he is the best at his weight class and capturing all the belts — a true champion’s mindset caring more about legacy than liquidity.

Fighting Beterbiev for light heavyweight undisputed crown

In my opinion, the opponent that does the most for his legacy is the unified champion Artur Beterbiev. There is simply more honor in fighting a man your size or bigger no matter how big the name of the smaller fighter may be. Beterbiev, who stands at six feet — the same height as Bivol — and has a 100 percent knockout rate in 18 fights, should prove to be a tougher challenge with an undisputed reward.

If Ramirez wins, clash with Beterbiev first

Now, as far as Ramirez is concerned, I’d like to think of him as a live underdog with newfound power in both hands. And if he should win, naturally he would have the same options. But I don’t see the allure of a Canelo fight since Bivol already stopped Canelo’s winning streak and made him look small for the weight class.

Therefore, I think Ramirez should be solely focused on Artur Beterbiev.

Then, meet Canelo at familiar weight

Then do something that hasn’t been spoken about and that’s return to the super middleweight division and challenge Canelo for the undisputed crown, giving Ramirez, who has already fought 39 times at 168 pounds, a chance to become undisputed at two weight classes.

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