Jermell Charlo knocks out Brian Castano to become first-ever undisputed super welterweight champion

Jermell Charlo vs. Brian Castano Showtime Boxing
One of the most controversial and best fights of 2021 finally happened on Saturday when Jermell Charlo and Brian Castano locked horns to determine an undisputed super welterweight champion. 

Charlo made sure there was not another disputed decision as he dropped Castano twice to win by tenth-round knockout to become the undisputed super-welterweight champion from Dignity Health Sports Park in Carson, Calif. DAZN had the fight scored 87-84 for Charlo going into the tenth round. Charlo and Castano continued their 2021 "Fight of the Year" candidate by having a back-and-forth war through the first half of the fight, with neither guy taking a back seat. So who would make the adjustment in the second half to walk out of California the champion?

It was Charlo (35-1-1, 19 KOs). The 31-year-old started sitting down on his shots, throwing power shots that were taking their toll Castano, and setting everything up with the jab. Castano had no answer as to what to do, and his activity started to slow as the fight entered the championship rounds. 

In the tenth round, Charlo and Castano were in close range when the former landed a short left hook. It appeared Castano ate the blow well, but it was a delayed reaction and the native of Argentina went to the canvas. Castano made it back to his feet, but he was shaky and all over the place. The fight should have been stopped at that point, but the referee let it continue. Charlo smelled blood in the water and pounced like a shark.

A right hand sent Castano back to the ropes. Charlo closed the show with a left uppercut which lifted Castano off his feet. The next and final blow was a left to the body that sent Castano packing and we have the first four-belt champion at 154 pounds. 

Charlo joins Terence Crawford, Josh Taylor, Bernard Hopkins, Jermain Taylor, Canelo Alvarez, and Oleksandr Usyk as the only male fighters to become undisputed champions in the four-belt era.

Here is what happened at Jermell Charlo vs. Brian Castano 2.


Jermell Charlo becomes undisputed super welterweight champion

Charlo def. Castano via knockout in the tenth round to become the undisputed super welterweight champion and become the first fighter in the four-belt era to hold all four belts at 154 pounds.   

Charlo-Castano; Round 9

Castano begins with a left hook. Each guy with a combination. Straight right down the middle and another one by Charlo. One-two through the guard by Charlo. Right by Castano. Combination by Castano. Left jab by Castano. Combination by Castano. Combination by Charlo. Left by Castano. RIght by Charlo. Double left hook by Castano. Combination by Castano. (10-9 Charlo, 87-84 Charlo)

Charlo-Castano; Round 8

Two jabs from Charlo to start the eighth. Right to the body from Castano. A straight right buckles Charlo. But Charlo counters with a right of his own. Three-punch combination from Charlo. Left hook from Castano. Right to the body from Castano. A combination from Charlo. Right to the head by Charlo. Left hook by Castano. Left to the body by Castano. A combination from Castano and a left upstairs from Charlo. Lead right by Castano. A one-two sends Charlo back. (10-9 Charlo, 77-75 Charlo)

Charlo-Castano; Round 7

Right to the body from Charlo in what has been a slow round thus far. A combination by Charlo. Combo from Castano, but Charlo fires back with a left hook to wobble Castano. A right uppercut by Charlo. Jab to the body from Castano. A three-punch combo from Charlo but Castano with a combination of his own. Good round from Charlo. (10-9 Charlo, 67-66 Charlo)

Charlo-Castano; Round 6

Lead right from Castano, but Charlo counters with a right of his own. Another left hook from Charlo. Right to the body from Castano.Exchange of jabs. A right from Castano. RIght stuns Charlo. Right uppercut from Charlo. A three-punch combo from Castano. An uppercut by Charlo. Combo from Castano but Charlo with a right. A right sends Charlo back again. (10-9 Castano, 57-57)

Charlo-Castano; Round 5

Sharp left from Charlo off the ropes. Double jab from Castano.An exchange of jabs. A combination from Charlo. Left hook from Castano but Charlo counters with one of his own. A right stuns Charlo. Right and a left hook from Castano. Left from Charlo sends Castano back, but Castano fires a right. A combination sends Castano back. They slug it out again at the horn. Good gosh, they are putting on a show. (10-9 Castano, 48-47 Charlo)

Charlo-Castano; Round 4

Charlo begins the fourth with a jab. Right to the body by Castano, but Charlo rips a left to the body. Another body shot from Charlo. Right from Castano. Double jab from Castano. Stiff jab from Charlo. Right hand from Castano. Combination by Castano. An exchange of left hooks, but Charlo lands his with more authority. A short right from Castano. Left from Castano. A right uppercut from Charlo. 

In the final 30 seconds, a left catches Charlo's attention. They slug it out until the final bell. Great end to the round. (10-9 Charlo, 39-37 Charlo)


Charlo-Castano; Round 3

A triple jab from Charlo to start the third. He's clicking right now. Left to the body by Castano and Charlo grabs immediately. Smart fighting. Straight right from Castano. Combinations from both guys. Castano cracks a left to the body, but Charlo exits and fires a right. A right from Castano. Double left from Castano, followed by a right. A combination from Castano. An exchange of left hooks with Castano having more of an effect. Close round. (10-9 Castano, 29-28 Charlo)

Charlo-Castano; Round 2

Right to the body sends Castano back. But Castano sends Charlo back with a right and then another. Left to the body by Castano. A combination from Charlo. A jab to the body from Charlo. A right from Charlo and Castano comes back with a right. Combination by Charlo. Castano with a combo of his own. Charlo rips a left uppercut to the body. A left-hand catches Charlo's attention at the end of the round. (10-9 Charlo, 20-18 Charlo)

Charlo-Castano; Round 1

Charlo is starting to be more aggressive. He's pumping the jab. A right and a double left hook from Charlo. Body shot from Castano but Charlo counters with a right. Double jab from Charlo and then a left from Castano. Each guy throws, but Castano sends Charlo back with a left and a double jab. Left hook to the body by Charlo. A left hook stuns Charlo. Charlo comes back with a double left hook. Great way to start things. (10-9 Charlo)

Finally it's time for the main event

It's time for the main event as IBF, WBA (super) and WBC super-middleweight champion Jermell Charlo (34-1-1, 18 KOs) and WBO titlist Brian Castano (17-0-2, 12 KOs) battle to determine an undisputed champion at 154 pounds. 

Inching closer

Both Charlo and Castano are getting their robes on. Pretty absurd Castano arrived late and they haven't made their respective ring walks out. 

Charlo-Castano is delayed

The main event is delayed as Castano arrived late to the venue.

Boots Ennis shines in second-round KO

Ennis def. Clayton via knockout at 2:49 of the second round.

Clayton ducked down and Ennis unloaded an overhand right to send Clayton down for the first time of his career. Clayton got back to his feet but the referee waved it off. 

Great performance from Ennis as he's now unbeaten in 30 fights (29-0-1, 27 KOs). Time to put someone of significance for Ennis. We still don't know how good he really is. 

Boots Ennis time

The co-main event of Charlo vs. Castano 2 has Jaron "Boots" Ennis (28-0, one no-decision, 26 KOs) squaring off with Custo Clayton (19-0-1, 12 KOs) in welterweight action.

A significant test for Ennis on a big card. Let's see if he can deliver.

Kevin Gonzalez remains unbeaten

Kevin Gonzalez def. (98-92, 97-93, 96-94) def. Emanuel Rivera via unanimous decision. 

I agree with 96-94, but the first two scorecards are wider than expected. Hopefully, not a sign of things to come as the main event inches closer.

The win runs Gonzalez's record to 25-0-1. 

Jermell Charlo is in the house

Main card opener

Kicking off the Charlo vs. Castano 2 main card is Kevin Gonzalez (24-0-1, 13 KOs) taking on Emanuel Rivera (19-2, 12 KOs) in super bantamweight action. 


Welcome to DAZN's live coverage of the rematch between Jermell Charlo and Brian Castano for the undisputed super welterweight championship. History should be made, so stay locked in for live updates, results, and highlights. 

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