Should Derek Chisora retire after Tyson Fury battering?

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After being on the wrong end of a brutal beatdown by WBC world heavyweight champion Tyson Fury this past Saturday, there are calls for Derek Chisora to retire from the sport of boxing. 

The 38-year-old has provided numerous memories for British boxing fans over his 43-fight career as a professional, but after taking so much punishment throughout those contests, fans are beginning to look out for Chisora's health in later life and continuing to take punishment similar to what he endured during the Fury fight will certainly do more harm.

When speaking on The DAZN Boxing Show, Akin 'Ak' Reyes believes Chisora has given enough to the sport of boxing and should now hang up the gloves for good. 

"I can’t tell somebody to retire, but I can give my opinion. I think he has given the sport enough and we don’t need to see Chisora out there again against an elite heavyweight," Ak said. 

Barak Bess echoed similar thoughts after a fight which was one of, if not his biggest pay day. 

"I don’t think anyone thought Chisora was going to win," Bess began. 

"I think this was one man who is at the top of his game, at the top of his division, at the top of the world, and he was giving his friend a shot. That’s it.

"A shot to make a whole lot of money and maybe if you’re lucky, to win."

Bess also had concerns for Chisora's wellbeing who despite only being knocked out four times, has been involved in some brutal matchups, but even after his third loss to Fury, there is a chance that 'Del Boy' could fight once again. 

"Chisora has 13 losses, yes you can say that he’s only been knocked out four times, but not being knocked out sometimes is worse because you take more shots," Bess continued.

"He’s got a lot of pride, he’s got a lot of heart, he says he doesn’t want to go out like this so he might just take a softer touch to go out with a victory."

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