Chris Weidman suffers gruesome leg injury at UFC 261

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Uriah-Hall-Chris-Weidman-GETTY-FTR Getty Images

Chris Weidman was looking to get back into the middleweight title picture with a win over Uriah Hall at UFC 261 on Saturday night. 

The former middleweight champion never get the chance to see if that was possible as Weidman suffered a horrific leg injury in the opening seconds of the fight. 


Weidman and Hall went toward each trying to gauge distance. Weidman threw a leg kick and Hall proceeded to check it. As soon the check occured, Weidman's leg snapped and the bone went through the skin. Weidman planted, crumbled to the canvas and the fight was immediately stopped. 

Hall turned away in sadness, walked to his corner and knelt to both knees and cried into his hands. Medical personnel rushed into the Octagon and got Weidman onto a stretcher. They quickly got Weidman out of the Octagon. While being wheeled out on a stretcher, Weidman raised his fist to the fans to let them know he will be ok. 

DAZN News wishes Weidman a healthy and speedy recovery. 

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