John Cena and Logan Paul both lose at Wrestlemania - Have we seen the last of both men in a WWE ring?

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Have WWE lost two mainstream names for good following the first night of an amazing Wrestlemania? The 39th instalment of WWE’s grandest event may well be fondly remembered in years to come for the outstanding tag team title match that saw Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens defeat the Usos in a flawless encounter, but could it be remembered for something else? 

Earlier on the card, long before the show's closing finale had some fans in tears, John Cena and Logan Paul, two performers with incredible followings, endured tough defeats. Cena was beaten by Austin Theory, who had to use a low blow to take down the legendary star, whilst Paul had to look at the lights for Seth Rollins as their feud seemingly ended. Is this now the end for both men? 

In Cena’s case, there’s no doubt we’ll see him on WWE TV again, but can he be taken seriously as a legitimate performer after enhancing the credentials of Theory? Once the man who closed Wrestlemania with his hand raised in the air, Cena opened this year’s show and done the admirable thing by losing to Theory. A result that can potentially boost the youngster's ranking. 

Facing rising talents at Wrestlemania is nothing new to Cena. On previous occasions, Cena has been in with Bray Wyatt and Rusev, and whilst victory for both those performers could’ve done wonders for their WWE careers, it was Cena who went over each time as he maintained his top position on the roster. Theory grabbing the win could be a generous parting gift from the respected veteran as he calls time on his in-ring career. 

In the case of Paul, it’s still not clear what his WWE status is. When first appearing for the company, it was widely reported that the popular YouTuber had signed a multi-year agreement but evidence of that was doubted on a recent episode of his Impaulsive podcast when he claimed his run is up following Wrestlemania.  

With Rollins taking the verdict in their encounter, are WWE providing their own man with the rub ahead of a performer who might never wrestle for them again? Paul comes at a price, a figure significantly increased in the last year, and although his performances inside the WWE ring deserve the utmost respect, will those in charge at the company be prepared to break their pay structure for a part-time attraction? The answer should become clear in the coming weeks. 

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