How DAZN works with your ad blocker

Commercial breaks help fund our business  

Like many sports broadcasters, we show commercials in short breaks (such as half-time) during games. We charge advertisers a fee to show these commercials, and we use the revenue we get from this to help us buy rights to broadcast sports events. These rights allow us to show you the big sporting events you see on DAZN.  

If your ad blocker is set to block DAZN, it reduces the financial value of the commercials we show. This means we raise less revenue to buy new rights for sporting events. 

Your experience using DAZN is our top priority   

We want you to have the best experience watching sport on DAZN. We have to show commercial breaks to help support our business – and no ad blocker is able to block those commercial breaks. That means that even if your ad blocker is set to block DAZN, you’ll still always see a small number of commercials during game intervals. If you remove DAZN from your ad blocker, that won’t change.  

You’ll see more relevant ads  

Disabling DAZN on your ad blocker also means that the in-game commercials you see will be more tailored to your interests.   

It takes just a few minutes to change your ad blocker settings  

We’re only asking you to disable DAZN on your ad blocker, not switch it off completely. And you can always switch it back if you change your mind later.  

Resetting your ad blocker won’t affect how we use your data   

Our goal is to maximise the benefit from the commercial breaks you see during games. This isn’t about tracking your data. We'll always protect your data and we don’t ever share directly identifiable information about you with third parties.   

Please support us in our mission to bring live sport to your screens! 

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