How to cast on VIZIO TV

To watch DAZN on your VIZIO TV using Google Cast, please follow the steps below:

1. Make sure you have the latest version of the DAZN app downloaded on your mobile phone (available for both iOS and Android).
2. Connect your mobile phone and your VIZIO TV to the same WiFi network.
3. Launch the DAZN mobile app and Sign In with your DAZN account.
4. Select the Google Cast icon on your DAZN mobile app (located on the top-right of the app). You will be shown a list of available devices. Select your VIZIO TV from the list.

 How to cast

5. Your TV screen should now show the DAZN “Ready to Cast” page
Select the event you’d like to play from your mobile app.

Ready to cast
6. The video that you chose should now be playing on your VIZIO TV.

Here is a video tutorial describing the steps to watch DAZN on VIZIO TV using Google Cast – 

Additional information about casting video to your VIZIO TV:

Q. I’ve started playing video on my TV through the casting method. Can I do other things on my phone while the video is on the TV screen?
A: Yes! You can access other features on your phone while you play videos on your VIZIO TV using cast.

Troubleshoot your device

Q. I don't see the Google Cast icon on the top right of the DAZN mobile app.
A: Please update to the latest version of the DAZN mobile app. Please update Google Play Services to the latest version if you are using version 10.0 or below.


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