How to switch monthly or annual subscription

DAZN aims to give our users more options when selecting a plan, allowing customers to choose the subscription that meets their needs. We have added a new feature in My Account, making it incredibly easy for users to switch between our monthly and annual subscription options. 

Directly Subscribed through DAZN?
If you pay via credit card, direct debit, PayPal, directly through DAZN then you can update your subscription type in your ‘My Account’ section of DAZN.  

On your chosen device:
1.    Click Menu
2.    Click My Account
3.    Sign into My Account
4.    Select ‘CHANGE’ in subscription details
5.    Choose ‘SWITCH PLANS’

Here you will be able to switch from Monthly to Annual. Once you select annual, you will be prompted to confirm your new subscription choice. This screen informs you of your current plan details as well as when your updated subscription will begin. Once confirmed, you can navigate back to DAZN or to My Account. 

Subscribed through Apple iTunes? 
If you pay via Apple iTunes, then you will have the option to update your subscription option from your iTunes subscription management.  

In your Apple device:
1.    Open Settings
2.    Navigate to iTunes & App Store
3.    Click on Apple ID at the top of the page
4.    Click view Apple ID
5.    Open Subscriptions 
6.    Click on DAZN 

Here you will be able to choose between Annual and Monthly. Once you click the option you would like you will be prompted to confirm your subscription choice. After which you will see a confirmation of this subscription update informing you when your updated subscription will begin. 

Subscribed through Roku, Google, Amazon?
 If at any time you want to switch between a monthly and annual subscription you must cancel your current active account through your 3rd party subscription provider.

On your chosen device:
1.    Navigate to your subscriptions
2.    Select your DAZN subscription
3.    Cancel current subscription

*To avoid having multiple active accounts/charges, please wait until your current subscription ends (You can find this date in your account settings)

Once this subscription has ended you can sign up for a new monthly or annual subscription. Once you choose this option, you will be charged the monthly or annual price. You will now have access to DAZN through your updated subscription type which will automatically renew annually or monthly based on your subscription choice.

Please note: 
Be aware, we will not issue partial refunds for downgrading to monthly. Your account will reflect the change on your next billing date which will be a year from your last bill date. This can be seen in My Account.  
You can always see what plan you’re on by going into My Account and looking at the “Subscription” section. If you choose to upgrade or downgrade your account, the Subscription section of My Account will update once we have processed the change. 

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