How to watch DAZN on COX

Contour devices are a series of set-top boxes from COX featuring DAZN pre-installed.  It is an all in one platform that allows for up to two individual devices streaming concurrently.  

How to access DAZN
Follow these steps to access DAZN on your Contour device: 

1. Navigate through the options bar at the bottom of the screen 
2. Scroll to Apps 
3. Select DAZN 

How to sign up
Users can sign up to DAZN by clicking on the app, filling in the required information, and then submitting payment. Please note: sign-up via the Contour box only allows for credit card payments at this time. For other payment methods such as PayPal or gift codes please sign up directly at  
Additional information
You can find information on how to manage channels, explore Contour device features or personalize your Contour device on the official
Can I use Contour Voice Search to find DAZN content? (Coming Soon) 
Yes, you can use Contour Voice Search to find DAZN coming up, live, and on demand events.  
Note: Voice Search is only currently supported in English & Spanish, and only in US. You can find more information on the official Cox support site. 
Supported devices:
Arris XG1v1, Ciso G8, Pace XG2v2, Pace Xi3v2, Samsung XG2v2, Arris XG1v3, Cisco XiD, Pace Xi5, Pace XiD

Having trouble? 
Seeing an error code like this (xx-xxx-xxx), please contact DAZN 
customer service for help.  
Seeing an error code like this (RDK-xxxx), please contact Comcast 
customer service for help.  

Any other questions please feel free to reach out to us here: 
customer service

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