Key Moments Feature

What is Key Moments?
Key Moments is a feature on DAZN that makes it easier for you to find important parts of a soccer game when navigating via the scrub bar. 

How do I use Key Moments? 
If Key Moments are available for your stream, you will see markers on the scrub bar in line with where that Key Moment occurred in the game. If you hover over the icon with your mouse then you will see more information about what that Key Moment was: the type of Key Moment and the time in the game that it occurred. If you click on the Key Moment you will be taken at the point in the stream leading up to the selected Key Moment.

On what devices can I use Key Moments?
Currently Key Moments is only available on web, but we hope to be able to make it available on other devices soon. 

What is considered a Key Moment?
For soccer, we consider the following actions to be a Key Moment: 
  • Goal
  • Penalty
  • Red Card
  • Shots that hit the post or bar of the goal
  • Start of each half/period of the game
Plus any other action that we consider a “Talking Point” for fans, for example when goals get disallowed. 

For what events are Key Moments available? 
Whilst we strive to make Key Moments available for all soccer games on DAZN, unfortunately there are some competitions that we currently cannot offer the feature, including: 
  • Major League Soccer (MLS)
  • Scottish Premiership
  • English League One
  • English League Two

When do Key Moments become available for a live soccer game on DAZN? 
For soccer games broadcast live on DAZN that are not from one of the above competitions, Key Moments should become available within the first few minutes of the match starting with the “Kick Off” Key Moment becoming visible on the scrub bar. Key Moments will appear thereafter shortly after the action unfolds on your screen!  

Are Key Moments available for Catch Up?
Yes, Key Moments are available on the Catch Up events providing that the game is not part of one of the unsupported competitions. 

How do I turn off Key Moments? 
If you do not wish to see Key Moments which might be considered as “Spoilers” for what has happened in the game, you can ensure that only those Key Moments which you have already seen are shown by setting the toggle in the bottom right hand corner of your player to off. See image below.


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