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2024 NFL draft pick order: Who has the first pick?

DAZN Staff
2024 NFL draft pick order: Who has the first pick?DAZN
Which team will be picking first in the 2024 NFL Draft?

The NFL regular season is over. After 18 weeks of fierce competition, 18 teams know their draft fate. 

While some teams chase playoff places and a Super Bowl, others are already focusing on the offseason and the NFL Draft.

The 2024 NFL Draft takes place in Detroit, Michigan, and will offer teams the chance to rebuild their rosters. Teams will covet high-end picks in a draft class packed with top-tier prospects.

Here is the current NFL Draft order after the end of the regular season.

1 - Chicago Bears (via Carolina Panthers 2-15)

The Chicago Bears currently hold the first overall pick in the NFL Draft. That is due to the Carolina Panthers' league-worst 2-15 record and a trade that Carolina agreed with Chicago last year. Carolina sent their 2024 round-one pick to the Bears to trade up with Chicago for Bryce Young.

2 - Washington Commanders 4-13

The Commanders finished the season with the second-worst record. Washington will likely have a new head coach in place before the draft, and this coveted top pick will help Washington move into a new era. 

3 - New England Patriots 4-13

This is New England's highest pick in 20 years. The Patriots could draft a new quarterback. Whether Bill Belichick is in charge when New England chooses is the big offseason story to follow. 

4 - Arizona Cardinals 4-13

The Cardinals finish year one of their rebuilding season with a top-five pick. They hope to use this pick as a springboard to build around Kyler Murray. 

5 - LA Chargers 5-12

The Chargers' miserable season finished with a Week 18 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs' backups. They now have the fifth pick for the 2024 NFL Draft. 

6 - New York Giants 6-11

The Giants ended their season with a big 27-10 win over the Philadelphia Eagles. With big questions surrounding the quarterback, the Giants may use this pick on a quarterback. 

7 - Tennessee Titans 6-11

The Titans upset the Jacksonville Jaguars in Week 18. However, they still own a top-ten pick as they enter a new era with young quarterback Will Levis. 

8 - Atlanta Falcons 7-10

For the third consecutive year, the Falcons will pick eighth. Atlanta will also have a new head coach when they make the pick. Following their Week 18 defeat, the Falcons sacked head coach Arthur Smith. 

9 - Chicago Bears 7-10

The Bears are back on the clock with their top-ten pick courtesy of a 7-10 record. 

10 - New York Jets 7-10

The Jets round out the top ten with the tenth pick. 

11 - Minnesota Vikings 7-10

Minnesota's Week 18 loss leaves them with pick eleven.

12 - Denver Broncos 8-9

Sean Payton's first season in Denver sees the Broncos finish with the 12th pick. With Russell Wilson's time in Colorado over, the Broncos could draft a quarterback with this pick. 

13 - Las Vegas Raiders 8-9

The Raiders' win over the Broncos in Week 18 sees Las Vegas pick one place behind Denver. 

14 - New Orleans Saints 9-8

The Saints are the first team with a winning record on the clock. 

15 - Indianapolis Colts 9-8

Indianapolis just missed out on a playoff berth. They fell agonisingly short on Saturday night. Nevertheless, the Colts are improving under head coach Shane Steichen. 

16 - Seattle Seahawks 9-8

17 - Jacksonville Jaguars 9-8

18 - Cincinnati Bengals 9-8

19 - LA Rams 10-7

20 - Pittsburgh Steelers 10-7

21 - Miami Dolphins 11-6

22 - Philadelphia Eagles 11-6

23 - Houston Texans (via Cleveland Browns 11-6)

24 - Dallas Cowboys 12-5

25 - Green Bay Packers 9-8

26 - Tampa Bay Buccaneers 9-8

27 - Arizona Cardinals (via Houston Texans 10-7)

28 - Buffalo Bills 11-6

29 - Detroit Lions 12-5

30 - Baltimore Ravens 13-4

31 - San Francisco 49ers (Super Bowl runner up)

32 - Kansas City Chiefs (Super Bowl winner)