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Dallas Cowboys ‘excited’ by new NFL rule as star reveals preparations for 2024 change

Joe Mewis
Dallas Cowboys ‘excited’ by new NFL rule as star reveals preparations for 2024 changeDAZN
A new hybrid kickoff play that has been adopted from the XFL will be used in 2024.

When the new NFL season kicks off in September, supporters will notice one major change from the get-go. 

Last week at the league’s annual meeting, the NFL voted to change the kickoff play, with the intention of transforming what has recently evolved into a ceremonial play into something more exciting again. 

A new kickoff format has been adopted from the XFL and is designed to see an increase in returns, while also prioritising player safety. The play will see all of the kicking team bar the kicker line up on the opponents’ 40-yard line in order to eliminate the running head start that can cause high-speed collisions. 

This means that special teams units will have a busy summer ahead of them as they get set to adjust to the new rules. 

Dallas Cowboys special teamer C.J. Goodwin is one player who is excited by the changes. 

"I like the rule change, honestly," Goodwin told the team’s website. "I know Bones (Cowboys special teams coordinator John Fassel) is extra excited about getting this rule changed. We actually ran drills in training camp in anticipation of this getting changed at some point. And speed is one thing, running down the field, but there was a lot of dead time when you kick the ball out of the end zone, so it adds a lot of action back to the game.

"We're expecting more returns this year, which is more plays for everybody, and you can force a fumble on kickoff -- so you can change a game in this aspect," Goodwin said. "We're looking forward to it. It's gonna be fun."

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