WWE SummerSlam 2021: Roman Reigns takes best from John Cena to retain title; Brock Lesnar returns


John Cena drove The Head of the Table through a table with the Attitude Adjustment.

He also dropped Roman Reigns on his back with the same maneuver off the second rope.

But whatever the 16-time World Champion did, this version of Reigns refused to be defeated Saturday night. Reigns took the best that Cena had to offer before lifting him off his feet and slamming him to the canvas with a punishing spear to get the pinfall and retain his Universal Championship in the main event of WWE SummerSlam 2021.

While Reigns was savoring his win at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, his celebration was cut short when none other than Brock Lesnar interrupted. Paul Heyman looked like he saw a ghost, considering he was the advocate for Lesnar and is the current special counsel for Reigns.

Lesnar marched down the ramp and confronted Reigns before The Head of the Table made an escape through the ring ropes, not allowing the situation to get physical.

The moment followed a strong showing from Reigns, who absorbed three Attitude Adjustments from Cena before making sure to retain the title with plenty of grit. The roughest of the three came when Reigns stalked Cena on the outside of the ring, built up some steam, and sprinted toward the legend looking for a spear only for Cena to scoop him up in the AA and crash him through the broadcast table. That allowed Cena to get a near pinfall. 

Moments later, Cena got another near pinfall by dropping Reigns off the second rope with another AA. But, again, Reigns kicked out, refusing to lose to Cena. After a brief exchange of punches, Reigns used a modified Superman punch to take Cena off his feet and measure him up for a spear. The champ landed the move, got the pinfall, and added Cena to his list of recent victims, including Edge, Kevin Owens, Rey Mysterio, and Cesaro.

Prior to SummerSlam, Reigns had vowed that he'd leave WWE if he lost to Cena. However, it turned out that The Head of the Table refused to share any spotlight in his yard with Cena.

Here's how the entire SummerSlam 2021 went.



Brock confronts Reigns

Paul Heyman looks like he has seen a ghost, as Brock marches down the ramp and makes his way into the ring. Reigns can't believe it. The Vegas crowd is losing its mind. Lesnar confronts Reigns.

The Universal Champion retreats before Brock can put hands on him.


Brock Lesnar is here!

Just as Reigns is celebrating, Brock Lesnar's music hits the speakers. Here comes The Beast.

Reigns defeats Cena, retains title

Cena mocks Reigns with the champ's war cry and the two exchange punches before Reigns drops him with a modified Superman punch. Reigns measuring Cena up for a spear and nails it, lifting the 16-time World Champion off his feet and driving him into the canvas. 1 ... 2 ... 3! Reigns retains the Universal Championship.

Cena with another AA, but Reigns kicks out again!

After some back-and-forth action, Cena scales the ropes and drops Reigns with yet another Attitude Adjustment — this time from the second ropes. 1 ... 2... Reigns kicks out!!

Cena with an AA on Reigns through the table, another near pinfall

Although Reigns briefly gets the upperhand and was threatening a spear with bad intentions on the outside, he gets caught and bashed through the table with another Attitude Adjustment. OMG! Another near pinfall. 

Cena gets near pinfall with the AA

Both men back on their feet. Cena with a pair of shoulder tackles. Cena drops Reigns and tells him "You can't see me!" But while bending down, Reigns traps him in a submission attempt. Cena makes it out but gets pounced on with a Superman punch. Cena bounces back and bashes the champ with the Five-Knuckle Shuffle. He tries the Attitude Adjustment again and gets it this time!

1, 2 .... nearly 3 and Reigns kicks out.

Cena digging back

Reigns counters Cena, catching him with a hard right hand. After Cena attempts yet another rollup pin, Reigns cinches in an airtight sleeper hold and Cena is fading as that 265 pounds of the champ squeezes the air out of him. Cena able to use his strength to back Reigns into the corner and then he adds a clothesline. Both men are down on their backs.

Reigns counters Attitude Adjustment

Cena catches the champ off guard with an AA attempt only for Reigns to counter and slap on a DDT. The champ then apologizes to Hollywood for what he's about to do to Cena.

The Head of the Table asserting himself

"Vegas is here for me," Reigns says, gesturing to the crowd.

He drops Cena with a snap suplex.

The Head of the Table takes it to the outside and sends Cena careening into the ring steps on a reverse. He bashes Cena face first against the steps for good measure.

"You need me! You need me!" Reigns tells the crowd.

He adds: "You can't roll me up."

Reigns gives Cena something to think about

Another rollup attempt and two-count from Cena gets a wicked clothesline as a response from Reigns. Now, the champ mocking Cena, telling him "you can't go to Hollywood" and expect to dethrone him.

Cena mocking Reigns early on

Reigns, Cena circling each other slowly before engaging. Cena wants to hear it from the crowd. Cena starts things off with a side headlock on the champ, who drops the 16-time World Champion with a shoulder tackle. Cena takes Reigns down and gets a two-count. Cena goes for another rollup and gets another two-count, definitely playing mind games with the champ. "Oooh," Cena says, "we're getting close."

Reigns' domination

Remember, Reigns said if he can't beat Cena tonight that he will leave WWE.

Cena reminds Reigns

Acknowledging The Head of the Table with his glorious ring walk

Here comes Cena

Arms outstretched wide, Cena turns his back to the camera and shows the back of his T-shirt, which commemorates all 16 of his world championship reigns. 

Main event time

Universal Champion and The Head of the Table Roman Reigns taking on 16-time World Champion John Cena is upon us. 

Gage tries jumping Lashley ... bad idea

Gage tried to help his dad but it didn't end well.

Lashley destroying Goldberg with chair shots

Lashley promised to end Goldberg's career and he's trying to make good on that vow with a series of vicious chair shots to the fallen legend.

Goldberg unable to continue, Lashley retains title

Goldberg writhing in pain, clutching his left knee and the ref calls the match, saying he's unable to continue.

Lashley bounces Goldberg off the ring post again

The All Mighty hitting the same move to add to Goldberg's agony.

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