Paige VanZant storms out of ring after upset loss to Rachael Ostovich

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Paige VanZant felt like she corrected the mistakes she made in her Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship debut in a losing effort to Britain Hart when she took on Rachael Ostovich in the main event of Friday's BKFC 19.

Ostovich had different things in mind. Her power and timing of VanZant's jab were too much as Ostovich won via unanimous decision (49-46, 48-47, 48-47) from the Florida State Fairgrounds in Tampa. DAZN News scored the fight 48-47 for Ostovich. After the scorecards were read, VanZant didn't shake Ostovich's hand, stormed out of the ring, and walked down the ramp into the backstage area. 

Ostovich and VanZant came out in the first round tossing bombs. However, it was Ostovich who landed the harder shots in the opening stanza. VanZant had appeared to gain the momentum in the second by pumping the jab and keeping Ostovich out of range so she couldn't use her power advantage. 

The tide shifted to Ostovich in the third round as she started to time VanZant. Anytime VanZant popped the jab, Ostovich would fire an overhand right and then slide out of the way to avoid a counter from the former contestant on "Dancing With The Stars". That caused VanZant to start missing shots, and Ostovich would blast her with one punch after another. 

In the fourth round, Ostovich landed the hardest punch of the fight when she rocked VanZant with a right hand. VanZant's knees buckled, and Ostovich went for the finish but was unsuccessful in putting her away. 

Needing a finish in the fifth and final round, VanZant didn't fight with a sense of urgency. Instead, she used the jab, and while she had two flurries in the last two minutes, it wasn't enough as Ostovich's right hand kept landing to bring home her first victory in combat sports since December 2017.

VanZant is 0-2 in BKFC since leaving the UFC and moving to Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship in 2020.

Here is what happened at BKFC 19.




Platform Showdown fight two

Coming at BKFC 19, YouTube and Tik Tok star DK Money takes on YouTube personality Nick Ireland at a 190 pound catchweight in the second Platform Showdown contest.

Evil Hero wins the battle of Tik Tok

Hero def. Olave via unanimous decision. 

It was everything you expected. Not much technically. Olave was content in riding his bicycle and circling the ring. Hero landed a couple of decent uppercuts that were enough to get the nod.

Platform Showdown

Next at BKFC 19, Tik Tok star Dakota Olave squares with fellow Tik Tok star Evil Hero at a 140 pound catchweight. Olave and Hero are wearing boxing gloves with the fight being three, two-minute rounds. 

Who knows what to expect here. 

Terry Janoski scores four knockdowns for successful BKFC debut

Janoski def. Carsten via knockout at 1:55 of the first round.

Carsten came in with a high guard, swinging and missing wildly. Janoski threw Carsten around and sent Carson down for the first time with an overhand right to the top of the head. Carsten made it up but not for long as Janoski sent him to the canvas for the second time. It appeared Carsten wouldn't get up. Not only did he get up, but was insistent on continuing. Janoski rushed in and sent him back on his butt. Carsten made it up and for some reason, the referee let him fight on. Janoski put everyone out of their misery as he sent Carsten down for the fourth and final time with a left jab. 

The fight could have ended on the second knockdown. No reason to let Carsten fight on and absrob that much punishment.



Two guys making their bare knuckle debuts

Right now at BKFC 19, Richard Carsten faces off with Terry Janovsky in light heavyweight action. Carsten and Janovsky are making their BKFC debuts.

Tony Soto wins BKFC debut over Joshua Sikes

Soto def. Sikes via unanimous decision (50-45, 49-46, 48-47). 

Sikes was content on pumping the jab, Soto applied constant pressure throughout. He walked Sikes down, pounded the body and threw more shots to bring home the victory in his BKFC debut.

Time for the welterweights

Coming up next at BKFC 19, Tony Soto faces Joshua Sikes in welterweight action. Both guys are making their BKFC debut. Soto is 2-0 as a boxer while Sikes is 2-0 in MMA.

Like how BKFC goes immediately from one fight to the next. Keep the action moving.

Jared Warren knocks out Zion Tomlinson

Warren def. Tomlinson via knockout at 1:14 of the first round.                  

Tomlinson had things in control as he was lighting Warren up on the feet. The complexion of the fight changed when Tomlinson attempted an illegal throw. The referee separated them which gave Warren a bit of time to gather himself. As soon as the referee resumed the action, Warren blasted Tomlinson with a straight left hand to finish Tomlinson off. Impressive way to start the show.


The main card opener

The main card of BKFC starts with Zion Tomlinson (2-0) takes on Jared Warren (1-1) in light heavyweight action.


Welcome to DAZN News' live coverage BKFC 19. The main event is a rematch between Paige VanZant vs. Rachael Ostovich. Grab some refreshments, hit the bathroom, sit on the couch and enjoy what should be an exciting night of action.

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