Canelo Alvarez can be beaten, claims Billy Joe Saunders

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billy-joe-saunders-1172019-westcott-ftr Amanda Westcott / DAZN

Billy Joe Saunders hopes to out-think Canelo Alvarez when the pair meet on May 8.

The fight between the two super middleweight champions was announced as soon as Alvarez defeated mandatory challenger Avni Yildirim last weekend, in what was one of the worst kept secrets in boxing.

Alvarez needed just three rounds to claim victory, and he is the heavy favourite going into a fight with Saunders.

However, speaking to talkSPORT, Saunders outlined his plans against the 30-year-old Mexican.

“I’m the seventh Brit he’s faced, he’s dealt with six of them very comfortably,” he said.

“The Brits like dancing and moving and thinking they’ve gotta run away, but I will be there for him to hit.

“I will be in range for him to hit.

“I’ll be setting traps, the same as he’ll be setting traps.

“I don’t think running a million miles an hour is gonna do me any justice…

“He’s not got the best engine in the world, Canelo.

“He’s very good at what he does, extremely good at what he does, but there’s faults there.

“We’ve seen people try to run away and box him, we’ve seen people try to use the brawn, but we’ve only seen one man use his brain and that was Floyd Mayweather.

“Brain over brawn here. Brain wins this, technical thinking wins this.”

Saunders pointed to Canelo's defeat to Floyd Mayweather and his failure to beat Gennady Golovkin as reasons to be optimistic.

Saunders explained: “This is the way I look at it – you have to win every moment, every second in that ring when that bell goes.

“I’m prepared to put everything down, all of the chips down.

“As long as I get a fair decision then I believe in my heart of hearts that the job is definitely not an impossible job.

“People go on about how good he is, how great he is.

“But let’s not forget he’s been beat, and he got beat in the first fight with Golovkin as well I thought.

“Let’s just hope that it’s all a fair playing field in and out the ring, and we can get to work.”

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