Chris Eubank Jr. on Wanik Awidjan: He has to back up what he said

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chris-eubank-jr-matchroom-ftr Dave Thompson/Matchroom Boxing

Chris Eubank Jr. has challenged Wanik Awidjan to prove his controversial claims made in the build-up to this weekend’s fight.

Eubank Jr. had been set to fight in September, first against Anotali Muratov and then against late replacement Sven Elbir, but both opponents were unable to compete.

Awidjan had been put forward as a potential fighter at the same time as Muratov was under consideration, but has only now been given the chance. The Germany-based middleweight has hinted that the Briton was trying to avoid him.

Eubank Jr. said: "He couldn't make the weight. He wanted to come in at 12st. We found someone else," reported Sky Sports.

"He took that as me being scared.

"He took to social media and said some outlandish things.

"He is in a position where he has to back up the things that he has said.

"I'm interested to see, when we are face to face at the press conference and when we get in the ring, if he will have the same energy as he had on social media."

Nevertheless, Eubank Jr. praised his opponent, as he hopes for a high-profile clash in December.

Eubank Jr said: "I have a very good opponent - 28 wins, only one defeat, coming in from Germany.

"He's ready to go, I'm ready to go.

"Before a fight you study the opponent, look at his fights, look at his strengths and weaknesses, how you can exploit him, figure out the best tactics.

"That has changed three times now.

"But this is my life. I have sparred and fought every type of opponent. I won't see anything that I haven't already seen a million times before.

"I need to adapt my style and strategy.

"We know what we are going to do with him."

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