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Claressa Shields says she needs at least $1 million to fight Katie Taylor at 147 pounds

Claressa Shields says she needs at least $1 million to fight Katie Taylor at 147 pounds(Getty Images)
The undisputed world champion in two different weight classes needs a major bag to lose more weight.

Claressa Shields likes her curves and to risk losing them by dropping weight to fight Katie Taylor at 147 pounds, she'd need to see a whole lot of money.

"Katie Taylor is not the worry that sends — the 147 is," a victorious Shields said Friday night after making boxing history by becoming the first boxer to be crowned undisputed world champion in two different weight classes.

"Katie is a great fighter," Shields continued. "They gotta pay me a lot of money for me to lose my butt to go down to 147. At the end of the day, I'm a woman and that's something I love about my body — I might not have no big breasts, but I have a nice butt.

"And I'll lose that going to 147, so they need to come with that dough and I'll be seeing Katie at 147 as long as they come with at least a $1 million. Talk to me nice."

Shields (11-0) dominated Marie Dicaire toward a unanimous decision shutout Friday night in her hometown of Flint, Michigan to take the IBF 154-pound title and become undisputed junior middleweight champion of the world, adding that to the undisputed middleweight crown she carried into the bout. All that hardware aside, it'd be tough to drop another seven pounds for the 25-year-old Shields, who's a natural middleweight, to take on Taylor at 147.

But as Shields doubled down on, if the bag is right, it's a possibility. 

While the self-proclaimed GWOAT (Greatest Woman Of All Time) showed respect to Taylor, the undisputed lightweight champion, she didn't give Savannah Marshall the same nod. Marshall edged Shields on points during a 2012 AIBA Women's World Boxing Championships matchup, prior to Shields winning her first Olympic gold medal that summer. Shields is irked when Marshall's name is even broached.

"Savannah Marshall can't f—k with me," Shields said Friday night. "Let's keep it real. You won a lucky decision when we were kids. Savannah Marshall knows that she cannot and will not ever be able to f—k with me."

While it remains to be seen if the dream pairing of Shields and Taylor can ever happen, Shields more immediately has plans to make her mixed martial arts debut in June with the Professional Fighters League (PFL). After celebrating her 26th birthday March 17, Shields will fly out ot Albuquerque, New Mexico where she will continue to hone her MMA skills by working with the likes of Holly Holm and Jon Jones at Jackson Wink MMA Academy.