Claressa Shields becomes first undisputed world champion in two different weight classes

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History made. Well, herstory made.

Claressa Shields became the first boxer ever during the four-belt era — man or woman —  to reign as undisputed world champion in two different weight classes as a result of her dominating shutout of Marie-Eve Dicaire on Friday night. All three judges had it 100-90 in favor of Shields at the Dort Financial Center in her hometown of Flint, Michigan.

"It just don't feel real to say undisputed twice," Shields said after adding the undisputed junior middleweight crown to the undisputed middleweight championship she came into the bout with. "It's kind of weird. It's like some epic s—t."

Shields' only gripe on the night?

"I was trying to get the knockout," Shields said. "That's what I really wanted. I'm happy, but I still wanted the KO. I just didn't have enough time."

Shields (11-0) showed patience and composure, stalking Dicaire (17-1) around the ring and launching a measured output, which had her outlanding the Canadian a staggering 128-31 in total punches. What started with Shields immediately finding a home for her right hand opened up the opportunity for the GWOAT to land left hooks and soon thereafter the 25-year-old was piecing together combinations to rock her opponent's jaw.

With 10 seconds left in nearly every round, Shields turned up the heat and landed a power shot for extra emphasis. Even if she didn't, each round was well in hand by that juncture on a night that saw Shields headline a historic all-female pay-per-view in front of 375 hometown fans in Flint.

"Pacquiao who? Canelo who? It's Claressa Shields, yes!" Shields ended her night saying. "Two-time undisputed. When someone else do it, let me know! It ain't been done. It's just me."

Card in full results

  • Claressa Shields def. Marie-Eve Dicaire via unanimous decision (100-90, 100-90, 100-90) to become junior middleweight undisputed champion
  • Danielle Perkins def. Monika Harrison by unanimous decision (80-72, 80-72, 80-72) to win vacant WBC silver women's heavyweight title
  • Jamie Mitchell def. Noemi Bosques via fifth-round TKO; Bantamweights
  • Marlen Esparza def. Shelly Barnett by unanimous decision (60-54, 60-53, 60-53); Bantamweights


Shields becomes first boxer to reign as undisputed world champ in two different weight classes during four-belt era

All three judges score it 100-90 in favor of Shields, as history, or herstory, is made. A composed, excellent performance in front of 375 hometown fans for Claressa Shields.

Shields-Dicaire; Round 10

Fighters exchange and wind up in the clinch. Shields powers out and flicks a couple of left jabs. Under a minute left. A left hook from Shields lands. Shields explodes off the ropes with 10 seconds left and bashes Dicaire with a few rights and lefts as the final bell tolls. This should be a shutout for Shields after a dominating effort. (10-9 Shields, 100-90 Shields)

Shields-Dicaire; Round 9

Dicaire tries rushing Shields, who calmly responds with a right hand across the jaw. Shields has slowed down her pace, but still lands a left hook. During the last 10 seconds of nearly every round, Shields has turned up the volume. Clever. Despite this being Dicaire's best round, Shields still takes the frame. The 10th and final round is next! (10-9 Shields, 90-81 Shields)

Shields-Dicaire; Round 8

Shields remains patient and composed, as she looks for an opening to land crisp shots. She unloads on a three-punch combo with under 30 seconds left. A big right gets buried into Dicaire's face at the 10-second mark. This bout continues to be all Shields. (10-9 Shields, 80-72 Shields)

Shields-Dicaire; Round 7

Shields drives Dicaire's head back with a right, as the Canadian fighter welcomes the clinch thereafter. Shields responds with a right to the jaw a sequence later. Shields stalks Dicaire around the ring slowly, before launching a huge right into the IBF champ's chest up against the ropes. Oh my. (10-9 Shields, 70-63 Shields)

Shields-Dicaire; Round 6

Left jab sets up a big right to Dicaire's face. Through five rounds, Dicaire has landed only 17 punches. Shields, while walking Dicaire down, delivers two big left hands. Shields rocks Dicaire's jaw with a right-left combo. (10-9 Shields, 60-54 Shields)

Shields-Dicaire; Round 5

Shields measuring that right hand, looking to detonate it. She digs a right into the body of Dicaire this time. Shields uncorks a huge overhand right with bad intentions. It almost landed with full force. Another crisp right lands for the GWOAT. The two get tied up in a clinch and exchange shots after the bell. Things are getting testy. (10-9 Shields, 50-45 Shields)

Shields-Dicaire; Round 4

Shields gets caught, but recovers with a left hook this time. A little showmanship from both Shields and Dicaire at the end of the round, with Shields using her backside to get an intertwined Dicaire off of her. (10-9 Shields, 40-36 Shields)

Shields-Dicaire; Round 3

Three wide right hooks land for Shields as Dicaire backtracks to get out of harms way. And now a right cross bounces off Dicaire's forehead. Dicaire tries to push Shields up against the ropes, but the Flint, Michigan native simply fights off the ropes and moves forward, giving her one more right hand before the end of the frame. (10-9 Shields, 30-27 Shields)

Shields-Dicaire; Round 2

Shields unloads on a big right that once again gets Dicaire's attention. Moments later, Shields doubles up on a pair of thudding right hooks — sitting on each punch, laying all her weight into the blows. The right hook is a real weapon for Shields that Dicaire doesn't have an answer for after the first four minutes. (10-9 Shields, 20-18 Shields)

Shields-Dicaire; Round 1

Big overhand right lands for Shields to put Dicaire on notice of her power. Moments later, Shields rattles Dicaire with a right, which seems to be open for business already. A nice, poised opening round for the GWOAT, who didn't rush anything. (10-9 Shields)

Shields makes her entrance

What starts out as Shields' entering to Beyonce's "I Was Here" cuts into DJ Khaled's "All I Do Is Win (Remix)." Shields' hometown fans at the Dort Federal Credit Union Event Center in Flint, Michigan love it.

Here comes the IBF junior middleweight champ Marie-Eve Dicaire

Like Shields, Dicaire is an unbeaten champion.

The main event of this historic all-female pay-per-view is next!

Can Shields become the first boxer ever to reign as undisputed world champion of two different weight classes during the four-belt era? She's already the undisputed middleweight champion of the world. Can she add the undisputed junior middleweight crown tonight? We're about to find out.

Co-main event: Danielle Perkins overwhelms Monika Harrison

No surprise that all judges see it 80-72 in favor of Perkins, who simply was too much for Harrison to handle over eight rounds. Give Harrison credit, though, for what she lacked in output, she made up for with heart.

"I'm especially grateful for Claressa who created this opportunity for me," Perkins says following her victory. "She's a real woman-for-woman."

Perkins having her way with Harrison

Moment in the sixth where Harrison turns to the ref, voicing that she was rabbit punched. Perkins literally walked a circle around Harrison and greeted her with stiff punches to the face. It continues to be all Perkins.

All Perkins after three

Perkins is landing the jab at will, as Harrison has yet to find ways to evade the punch. Perkins really poured it on during the third, even bouncing Harrison off the ropes. She more than senses that Harrison is in trouble. Can she finish Harrison?

Co-main event time

Danielle Perkins vs. Monika Harrison in a heavyweight rematch is moments away. Perkins, 38, began boxing late after a devastating car accident left her temporarily paralyzed, having ended her basketball career. She recovered and has been plugging away as a heavyweight. This eight-round bout is upon us.

Franchón Crews-Dezurn calls Shields an inspiration

Franchón Crews-Dezurn says she's aiming to become the undisputed super middleweight champion of the world, adding that she is inspired by Shields.

"Seeing Claressa Shields, everything she's put her mind to, she's done," Crews-Dezurn says on the pay-per-view. "And now she's giving other women opportunities and that's what it's about — paying it forward."

Mitchell salutes Shields in post-fight quotes

"Thanks to Claressa Shields for putting me on this card, baby! I wanted to warm this ring up for you. Let's go!"

"This is an unforgettable moment for women, period. I want to give a shout out to Claressa Shields. She is the GWOAT."

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