Conor Benn must defeat Samuel Vargas to prove he is world class, claims Eddie Hearn

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Eddie Hearn has warned that Conor Benn’s fight against Samuel Vargas is his toughest yet.

However the promoter believes that it could be a fight that elevates the British fighter to the next level.

Speaking to DAZN’s Ak & Barak Show, Hearn said: “This is the perfect fight for Conor Benn, because it’s all very well talking about moving up the rankings and becoming a world class welterweight, but these are the fights that are going to put you in that position.

“If he breezes through Vargas, he’s ready for that next step. I don't think he will. I think this will be a war, it will be a tough fight. He’s going to learn a lot.

“He’s at a level now we weren’t sure he was going to reach. It’s all about the victory. The victory is the only thing that matters.”

Hearn believes that 31-year-old Canadian-Colombian Vargas may believe that he can pull off an upset given 24-year-old Benn’s relative lack of experience.

“Conor is never in a bad fight, and Vargas is always trying to win, always in there trying to fight,” he said.

“I think a lot of people feel that Conor Benn is hype. I think Vargas and his team took that fight thinking that’s not Vergil Ortiz, that’s not Amir Khan - that’s a fight we can win and put us in a great position.”

Conor Benn vs. Samuel Vargas will be shown on DAZN in over 200 countries, excluding the UK. Check to see if you can watch on DAZN in your country.

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