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Deontay Wilder claims Tyson Fury's fingernails caused his ear to bleed

Deontay Wilder claims Tyson Fury's fingernails caused his ear to bleedDAZN
The excuses keep coming from Deontay Wilder.

Former WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder continues to make one excuse after another on why he lost his belt to Tyson Fury in the seventh round back in February. 

First was the costume he wore to the ring. Last month in a social media video, the 2012 Olympic bronze medalist blamed former coach Mark Breland for throwing in the towel and spiking his water, and also claimed Fury loaded his gloves, causing a dent in his head.

During The Last Stand Podcast with Brian Custer, Wilder (42-1-1, 41KOs) took to a new level, blaming Fury's fingernails for causing him to bleed and leaving marks in his ear.

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"I haven't yet heard valid proof of how gloves flap all the way back, why your hands were in the middle of the glove, why did my ear have scratches deep inside my ear?." Wilder said. Because of your (Fury's) nails. "It's so many different facts and proof that we have. But it just shows the greatness of it."

The accusations made by Wilder haven't been proven. The head of the Nevada State Athletic Commission, Bob Bennett, whose state hosted the Fury-Wilder rematch, said the Englishman couldn't have doctored the gloves because the commission inspected the gloves and gave them back Fury the night of the fight. 

None of that matters to the "Bronze Bomber", who is insistent Fury cheated to hand him his first defeat. 

"He cheated. He flat out cheated," Wilder passionately explained Custer. "That wasn't the best man. That was a coward. He got a long reputation of being a known cheater. And if you known to be a known cheater, why you gonna stop now? The gist of it, if they have the opportunity to cheat and you don't cheat, you're known as a sucker."

"You can go back to the rap sheet and history of him cheating and cheating even going back with the Klitschko fight. So he wasn't no better man at that fight. It's so sad that I'm so great in this sport that they had to cheat me. [It's] what makes me even more powerful, my legacy even stronger than it already is."