Whyte vs. Povetkin 2 results: Dillian Whyte blows out Alexander Povetkin to regain interim WBC heavyweight title

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Dillian Whyte was fighting for his life when he faced Alexander Povetkin on Saturday from Gibraltar. If he didn't regain the interim WBC heavyweight title, his world title aspirations would go out the window. 

Whyte had different things in mind, dominating Povetkin from start-to-finish to win by fourth-round knockout to recapture the championship. DAZN News had it scored 29-28 for Whyte at the time of the stoppage. 


"I could have gotten the finish in the first round, but he's a tough guy," Whyte said in his post-fight interview. "But I think I could have finished him early. If he wants a rematch and they offer me the right money, I'll fight him again. I shouldn't have lost the first time. I'm annoyed at myself for losing the first time. I just had to be a bit smarter, that's all.

"From the first round, I was onto him, but I was, like, 'Let me relax. He's an Olympic gold medalist'. He's only lost to me, Joshua, and Klitschko. It shows how good he is, and he's very strong still. I can be a world champion. I can beat anyone. The rescheduling messed me up, but I was in much better shape this time. He had to pay tonight, man."

Whyte (28-2, 19 KOs) didn't waste any time in letting Povetkin know it was going to be a long night. In the opening moments, Whyte landed a right hand that grazed Povetkin that sent him back to the ropes. Moments later, Whyte shook Povetkin one more time with an overhand right. At the end of the round, Whyte wobbled Povetkin one more time with a right hand. It looked to be a matter of time before Whyte put Povetkin away.

Whyte continued to unload the heavy artillery on Povetkin in the second and third rounds to little resistance. Povetkin was standing on the center line and not moving his head whatsoever. He was a sitting duck looking to be put out of his misery.

"The Body Snatcher" obliged with Povetkin's wishes in the fourth round. Whyte connected on a right hand which caused Povetkin to nearly tumble through the ropes. Sensing Povetkin was ripe for the taking, Whyte took his time, landed a short right hand, and then put the former champion away with a detonating left hand that almost sent Povetkin through the ropes and onto the mat. Povetkin got back to his feet but is worse for the wear. The referee saw the same thing and waved the fight off.

With the victory. Whyte is back in the thick of things in the heavyweight division. Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury look to be on the road to a two-fight series to determine an undisputed heavyweight champion, so they are likely to be locked up for the next year. Some have suggested former WBC titlist Deontay Wilder, who is currently without an opponent. Whyte joked about a tomato can for his next foe, but his promoter Eddie Hearn suggested that maybe Wilder could be the guy.

"Eddie needs to get me an easy fight so I can make some damn money and not take so much risk," Whyte said with a chuckle. "I want the world title!"

"He manhandled Povetkin from the first round," Hearn said. "His world championship dreams were on the line tonight. I'd like to see him box quickly again in the summer, maybe let's go over to the States.

"We've called for the Deontay Wilder fight for a long, long time. He actually DM'd Dillian Whyte and told him, 'I will never, ever give you that fight.' Now he got knocked out. He's calling for the fight with Dillian Whyte. To me, that's a stadium fight, that's a colossal fight. But I'd like to get (Whyte) back out quickly in the summer. The ultimate game has been to challenge for the world heavyweight title. Tonight was about getting his career back on track."


Dillian Whyte exacts revenge to knockout Alexander Povetkin to regain WBC belt

Whyte def. Povetkin via knockout at 2:39 to capture the interim WBC heavyweight title. 

Whyte-Povetkin Round 4

Whyte is going for broke and wobbles Povetkin again with a right hand. A left hook by Whyte rattles Povetkin again. Both guys start swinging wildly but nothing of serious consequence. 

Like how Whyte is settling down and pumps the jab and attempts a right hand that just missed. Povetkin is a sitting target.

A right hand makes Povetkin nearly tumble over. Whyte takes his time, connects on a short right hand and then unloads one more shot, a detonating left hand to nearly send Povetkin through the ropes and onto the canvas. 

Povetkin makes it back to his feet but is worse for the wear. The referee sees the same thing and waves the fight off.

Whyte-Povetkin Round 3

A hard jab by Whyte. He needs to go back to that as it's there for him all day. Povetkin is telegraphing the right hand which Whyte sees a mile away and just slips out of the way. Whyte resets and rocks Povetkin with a right hand. How is Povetkin eating these shots?

Good job by Whyte at the end of the round as he's starting to sit on the jab. (10-9 Whyte, 29-28 Whyte)

Whyte-Povetkin Round 2

Not much happening in the opening minute. A jab and a right cross sends Povetkin to the ropes. Povetkin isn't doing much at all. Looks to be content at the moment to grab ahold of Whyte. Povetkin with a hard left hook. A right hand glances off of Whyte's head. 

A close round won by Povetkin with the late flurry. (10-9 Povetkin, 19-19)

Whyte-Povetkin Round 1

Whyte and Povetkin are firing early. A right hand grazes Povetkin and sends him back to the ropes. Whyte shakes Povetkin one more time with an overhand right. Povetkin grabs onto Whyte for his life. Whyte is throwing with reckless abandon. A jab by Povetkin and a right hand to the body. Whyte is undeterred and wobbles Povetkin again with a right hand. 

Povetkin is in trouble and needs to get it together in a hurry as Whyte looks to be a man on a mission. (Whyte 10-9)

Time for Whyte vs. Povetkin 2

The main event is now upon us as Alexander Povetkin (36-2-1, 25 KOs) defends the interim WBC heavyweight title against Dillian Whyte (27-2, 18 KOs). 

Can Whyte make the necessary adjustments to reclaim the belt or does Povetkin show the first fight in August wasn't a fluke?

Fabio Wardley knocks out Eric Molina in the fifth round

Wardley def. Molina via knockout at 0:52 of the fifth round. Molina took control at the beginning of the round and landed a right hand to stun Wardley and send him back to the ropes. Sensing he was in a bit of trouble, Wardley finally started throwing and landed a left hand followed by a right hand which stunned Molina. Wardley kept throwing. He connected a short left hook then another powerful right hand sent Molina to the canvas. Molina was on his back and slow to get up and the fight got waved off. Molina protested because he felt he got hit in the back of the head but the referee didn't want to hear it.

That was a good test for Wardley, which was his biggest win on paper. He needs to improve on not being lazy in stretches. He's not at the level to where he can take periods off. 

Wardley starting to get in a rhythm

Molina confused Wardley the first two rounds with the jab and connecting with the overhand right. Wardley got into a rhythm in the third round by pumping the jab, closing the distance and landing the right hand. He's taken the control of the fight and just a matter of time before he puts Molina away.

Co-main event time

It's time for the co-main event of Whyte vs. Povetkin 2 as Fabio Wardley (10-0, 9 KOs) squares off with Eric Molina (27-6, 19 KOs) in heavyweight action. This has the makings of a passing of the torch type of fight with Molina, a two-time heavyweight title challenger in losing efforts to Anthony Joshua and Deontay WIlder, handing the baton to the fast-rising Wardley.

Don't expect this one to go the judges. 

Ted Cheeseman regains British title with thunderous 11th-round KO of JJ Metcalf

Chesseman def. Metcalf via knockout at 2:10 of the 11th round to become British super welterweight champion. The 11th round was featured back-and-forth action with each guy gaining an advantage even though it appeared they had nothing left in the gas tank. Metcalf stunned Cheeseman with a right hand and looked to be on the verge of putting him away.

Chesseman flipped the script and connected with a perfectly placed right hand behind the ear to stun Metcalf and followed it up immediately with a vicious left hook to knockout Metcalf at the point of impact. For some reason, the referee decided to not wave the fight off but instead chose to count. Metcalf couldn't even sit up for a few moments before the official finally stopped it.

What a great fight. Chesseman had the early momentum. Then Metcalf came back in the seventh and eighth round. Chesseman dug down deep and turned it on when it mattered most to get the stoppage win and the belt in one of the best fights of 2021.


Metcalf regains momentum

After getting battered for the first six rounds, including nearly stopped in the fourth, Metcalf roared back in the seventh and the eighth round by battering Cheeseman to the head and now the body. The tide has turned. Who is going to want it more?

All action affair through three rounds

If you were expecting a technical masterpiece from Cheeseman and Metcalf then you would be far off. They are slugging away with Chesseman now having a slight edge after three rounds. In the third round, he started finding a home with his power, including snapping Metcalf's head back with a right uppercut.

It looks like we are going to be in for some fun. 

"The Body Snatcher" is in the building

Dillian Whyte has entered the arena.

The return of Ted Cheesman

Right now at Whyte vs. Povetkin 2, Ted Cheeseman (16-2-1, 9 KOs) and James Metcalf (21-0, 13 KOs) meet for the vacant British super welterweight title. Metcalf is the better overall fighter between the two but Chessman has faced the better opposition. 

The champ has arrived

Alexander Povetkin is in the building. 

Povetkin is on site. 📍#RumbleOnTheRock pic.twitter.com/mu4uul8D4f

Campbell Hatton wins pro debut against Jesus Ruiz

Hatton def. Ruiz via unanimous decision (40-36, 40-36, 40-36). A solid debut for the son of Ricky Hatton. Just like his father, Hatton made it a point to pound the body at will to secure the easy decision win.

Hatton is still a work in progress but a good first step on the journey. 

Ricky Hatton's son about to make professional debut

Coming up at Whyte vs. Povetkin 2 is Campbell Hatton (0-0) taking on Jesus Ruiz (0-10) in lightweight action. Hatton is the son of former world champion Ricky Hatton and is looking to follow his father's footsteps. 

Let's see what the younger Hatton is all about.  

Michael McKinson remains undefeated over Chris Kongo

McKinson def. Kongo via unanimous decision (97-93, 96-94,95-94). A solid tactical performance by McKinson. He knocked Kongo down in the first round and remained in control from that point forward. He set the tone in every round by coming forward and being aggressor to neutralize Kongo's offense and run his record to 20-0.

Close fight at the halfway point

Besides the knockdown provided by McKinson in the first round, it's been a nip-and-tuck affair. Have McKinson ahead by a round and three points because of the knockdown. Kongo is going to need to increase the output in the final rounds to bring the victory home.

McKinson knocks down Kongo

After stinging Kongo with a left hand earlier in the round, McKinson comes in and lands a right uppercut and sends Kongo to the mat with a left hook. Kongo quickly gets up and makes it through the round. Kongo lands an overhand right at the bell to let McKinnon know he isn't going anywhere.

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