Former world champion wants winner of Chris Eubank Jr. vs. Conor Benn

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Retired former welterweight champion Kell Brook could return to fight the winner of Chris Eubank Jr. vs. Conor Benn, according to his trainer Dominic Ingle.

Brook, a former IBF beltholder, retired after defeating Amir Khan in a long awaited match-up earlier this year.

The 36-year-old veteran discussed staying on for another fight after the morale-boosting win but in May confirmed he would step away.

However, his trainer Ingle told Boxing King Media: “He says he’s got the fire in his belly for another fight.

“He’s had certain promoters onto him wanting to make fights.

“He asked me what I thought and I said, ‘Kell, listen, you’ve got plenty of money, you made a fortune. You’ve probably never achieved what you should’ve done, but you’ve made a fortune.’

“I said, ‘If you’ve got the fire in your belly that you still wanna hurt people and you still wanna fight, do it.’

“I said, ‘You certainly don’t wanna be doing it for the money, you don’t need the money, but if a fight gets your adrenaline flowing, really gets you up for it, take that fight.’

“I think he’s been offered three or four opponents.

“I said, ‘Pick the one who gets your adrenaline flowing. Be training, see how you go. But I certainly don’t need you to fight again, and you certainly don’t need to fight again. So make sure it’s for the right reason – because you want to fight.’

“We’ll see what Kell [decides]. He’s been training for the last couple of weeks.”

Ingle suggested another potential opponent would be Liam Smith, explaining: “I think somebody mentioned Liam Smith.

“Or maybe the winner of Conor Benn vs Chris Eubank Jr.

“I don’t know the exact details, it’s just been mentioned.

“He’s enjoying training, but he knows that if he’s gonna be in another fight, then he’s got to step on the gas and get moving again.

“We’ll maybe know in the next two weeks.”


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