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George Foreman explains why he thinks Tyson Fury is ‘ready for the taking’

George Foreman explains why he thinks Tyson Fury is ‘ready for the taking’Stephen Dunkley (Round 'N' Bout Media) for Frank Warren Queensberry Promotions
Fury puts his unbeaten record on the line this Saturday.

George Foreman thinks that Oleksandr Usyk is the favourite going into his fight with Tyson Fury.

Fury fights Usyk live on DAZN PPV on Saturday, with the winner crowned the first undisputed champion of the four-belt era.

Both are experienced fighters, both heavyweight champions already, and both bring undefeated records into the ring.

Foreman is one of the finest heavyweights in the sport’s history, and speaking to , he believes Usyk’s size is in fact an advantage, and believes Fury has shown his weaknesses already.

“First of all, I think it’s a solid match – great matchmaking,” Foreman said. “[Usyk] is not big, and the greatest heavyweight champions we’ve had over all this time have been guys not over 6-3, like Joe Louis (6 feet), Joe Frazier (5-foot-10), even Muhammad (Ali, listed at 6-foot-3).

“He lied! He was never 6-3!

“For some reason, though, the coordination and the thinking plan travels well with the guys that size.”

He added: “Yep, there you are … Fury, he’s been knocked down and had a couple of brutalizations, to the point that he’s ready for the taking now.

“All [Usyk] has to do is … if he’s smart enough to win the first round, then the second round. … OK, maybe you can give up the fourth round … but then go back up and win another round,” Foreman said.

“It gets to where he’s not worried about anything other than winning it on points. He’s a solid fighter. He can take a punch. Fury’s in tough. So unless the judges are the best judges money can buy, [Usyk] should win.

“[Usyk’s] been in there with big, tall guys [beating former champion Anthony Joshua twice], and he’s not afraid.

“He’s built automatically to be mentally strong. That’s just part of him. He has that ability. And that’s his main asset. He has nothing spectacular to beat Fury with but that mindset.”

Live on DAZN PPV: Fury vs. Usyk on May 18.   Click here for details .

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