Devin Haney puts on a masterclass on George Kambosos Jr. to become undisputed lightweight champion

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Devin Haney had the odds against him going into Saturday's undisputed lightweight title fight against George Kambosos Jr. Haney was traveling to Kambosos' native Australia. He wouldn't have his entire corner there with him. His father and head trainer, Bill, couldn't secure a visa until late Thursday and made it just in time to watch his son try to accomplish his dream. And Kambosos spewed trash talk all fight week to get inside Haney's head.

Haney remained mentally strong and let none of it faze him in the slightest bit as he skipped and smiled to the ring at Marvel Stadium in Melbourne, Australia, amid a chorus of boos in front of 41,129 people. The 23-year-old went in there and showed why he's one of the best in the world but outboxing and dominating Kambosos from start to finish to win by unanimous decision (118-110, 116-112, 116-112) to become the undisputed lightweight champion. DAZN had it scored 119-109 for Haney. The victory makes Haney the first fighter in the four-belt era to become the undisputed champion at 135 pounds. The last fighter to become the undisputed lightweight champion in any period was Pernell Whittaker in 1990.

Haney (28-0, 15 KOs) came right out and shut down the crowd and Kambosos by firing the first of 333 jabs, according to CompuBox. He kept blasting away with the jab that it left Kambosos with a battered and bruised face. 

Kambosos (20-1, 10 KOs) had no answer. The former three-belt lightweight stayed too much Haney's range, wouldn't pull the trigger, and applied little pressure. That plan made it an easy night at the office for Haney. Whenever Kambosos moved off the center line, Haney would blast a right hand and go right back to the jab. He would see Kambosos only throwing two shots at a time, which allowed Haney to tie him right up, release, and go back to the jab. 

The victory makes Haney the youngest undisputed champion in the four-belt era.

Kambosos does have the right to an immediate rematch in Australia. But it is unknown if he'll invoke it. 

Here is what happened at George Kambosos Jr. vs. Devin Haney.



Devin Haney becomes undisputed lightweight champion

Devin Haney def. George Kambosos by unanimous decision (118-110, 116-112, 116-112) to become the undisputed lightweight champion. 

Who gave Kambosos four rounds? Horrible. But at least the right man won. 

Kambosos-Haney; Round 12

Haney is popping the jab to begin the final round. Kambosos is stalking but not throwing. He needs to throw and don't stop. More jabs and circling out of trouble by Haney. Left by Kambosos. We go to the scorecards as Haney should be crowned the new undisputed lightweight champion. (10-9 Haney, 119-109 Haney)

Kambosos-Haney; Round 11

Double jab to start the eleventh by Haney. A left and a right from Kambosos. Quick left jab by Haney. Such a sight to see. Two more jabs for Haney. Right from Kambosos. Haney sticks his tongue out at Kambosos as the bell sounds to end the round. Kambosos needs a stoppage to win. (10-9 Haney, 109-100 Haney)

Kambosos-Haney; Round 10

Left hook lands from Haney. Kambosos lands a left but does nothing after that. Combo to the body from Kambosos. Overhand right from Kambosos. Left for Kambosos. Chopping right hand from Kambosos. Left from Kambosos. A jab for Haney. Short left from Haney. Two lefts for Kambosos to close the round. (10-9 Kambosos, 99-91 Haney)

Kambosos-Haney; Round 9

Haney comes right back out with a double jab and then an uppercut. A right hand stuns Kambosos, who comes back with one of his own. A left from Kambosos. They are close, the feet get tangled up, and Haney falls to the mat. It's ruled a slip. An uppercut from Haney. Another left from Kambosos. A right-hand catches Haney's attention. Double jab from Haney. Haney with some swelling of his right eye. (10-9 Haney, 90-81 Haney)

Kambosos-Haney; Round 8

A triple jab from Haney. A left hook from Kambosos, but Haney counters with a one-two to catch Kambosos off balance. Some swelling under the right eye of Kambosos. Double jab from Haney. A blistering jab from Haney. Another series of jabs from Haney. Body shot from Kambosos. Double jab by Haney to close out the eighth. (10-9 Haney, 80-72 Haney)

Kambosos-Haney; Round 7

Right back to the jab for Haney. Left hooks for both guys. Double left hooks for Kambosos. Double jab for Haney. Right to the body from Haney. A jab from Kambosos. Two more jabs from Haney. A stinging jab from Haney. Another sharp jab from Haney sets up a stiff right. It's too easy for Haney. Kambosos looks frustrated and confused. (10-9 Haney, 70-63 Haney)

Kambosos-Haney; Round 6

Haney went back to his bread and butter, the jab, to start the sixth round. Left to the body by Kambosos. Hard left hook by Kambosos. His best punch of the fight. Jab for Kambosos, but Haney catches him with a left hook. Another left hook for Haney. (10-9 Haney, 60-54 Haney)

Kambosos-Haney; Round 5

Kambosos is trying to go on the offensive, and Haney unloads a slick uppercut. A right to the body for Kambosos. A combination for Kambosos. Another combination by Kambosos. A left from Haney but another combination for Kambosos. Back to the jab for Haney. An exchange of lefts. A wild right misses for Kambosos. (10-9 Haney, 50-45 Haney)

Kambosos-Haney; Round 4

Double jab from Haney to begin the fourth. Kambosos with a jab of his own. Stab jab to the body from Haney. A right hand from Haney followed by a stinging jab. A left by Haney. A left by Haney. A left lands for Kambosos. Needs more of those. (10-9 Haney, 40-36 Haney)

Kambosos-Haney; Round 3

Another series of jabs for Haney. Each guy misses wildly. Haney is in a rhythm. The jab is popping while Kambosos is looking to unload the right hand. A sign of trouble for the three-belt lightweight champion. He needs to figure it out and in a hurry. (10-9 Haney, 30-27 Haney)

Kambosos-Haney; Round 2

Back to jab for Haney. But he throws another one, and Kambosos lands an overhand right, catching Haney's attention. Another jab from Haney. At the end of the round, Kambosos landed a left. Closer round, but I still have it for Haney. (10-9 Haney, 20-18 Haney)

Kambosos-Haney; Round 1

During ring introductions, the fathers of Kambosos and Haney are jawing at one another as they are in their son's respective corners.

Each guy showing a lot of respect toward one another. Not much happening in the first minute. Two left jabs from Haney. Another jab from Haney and Kambosos misses an overhand right.

More jabs from Haney, who lands a right hand for good measure to close the round. Great start for the American. (10-9 Haney)

Time for Kambosos vs. Haney

It's time for the undisputed lightweight championship of the world as IBF, WBA (super), and WBO lightweight champion George Kambosos Jr. takes on WBC titlist Devin Haney (27-0, 15 KOs).

This is it. It's for all the marbles. Here we go!

Jason Moloney finishes Aston Palicte

Moloney def. Palicte via knockout at 2:35 of the third round.

Moloney lands a left, but Palicte connects with an uppercut. Moloney took a step back and drops Palicte with a right hand. Palicte makes it up but not for long. Moloney is fishing for blood and finds it by landing a barrage of shots to send Palicte packing and sending him back on his way. 

Final preparations being made for "The Dream"

Co-main event

In the co-main event, Jason Moloney (23-2, 18 KOs) faces off with Aston Palicte (28-4-1, 23 KOs) in bantamweight action. 

The hometown native is in the building

Lucas Browne shocks with thunderous first-round KO of Junior Fa

Browne def. Fa via knockout at 1:58 of the first round. 

A shocker to kick things off in Australia. A little more than a minute into the contest, Browne sent Fa to the canvas with a right hand. Fa made it up but was very shaky and all the place. Somehow, the referee let him continue even though it should have been stopped. Fa desperately tried to make it out of the round by grabbing on for dear life. However, Browne continued to overpower him and closed the show as he uncorked an overhand right to behind Fa's head. Fa went down in a heap, and the referee waved it off. The 43-year-old Browne shows there's a little bit more to the gas tank than many thought. 

Main card opener

Kicking off Kambosos vs. Haney is Lucas Browne (30-3, 26 KOs) taking on Junior Fa (19-1, 10 KOs) in heavyweight action. 

It should be a cakewalk for Fa as he's 11 years younger and in his prime while Browne has seen better days.

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