How much money did Jake Paul earn from boxing in 2021? Forbes estimates total sum, Paul comments

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JakePaul v TyronWoodley_1812

Eddie Hearn believes that Jake Paul deserves his money from boxing after reports suggested the 25-year-old earned $40 million from the sport last year. 

Forbes suggested that his three bouts in 2021, Ben Askren and then twice against Tyron Woodley, earned him the figure from pay-per-view and other revenue streams, with another $5m coming from non-boxing activities.

Paul retweeted stories to that effect onto his timeline as well as claiming to be the highest paid athlete under 25 (he has since turned 25).

Speaking on the DAZN Boxing Show, Hearn was a little sceptical but believed any money coming his way was well deserved. 

“Some of us have to work a whole month for that!” he joked.

“You dunno what to believe. If you’re putting it out there in every other post, it’s a good chance it’s more than what you actually made” 

“I’m sure he’s done very well and he deserves it. The first Woodley fight did really well, the rumours are the second did not do that great.”

Hearn believes the next step for Paul will be to put his unbeaten record against the line against a more threatening opponent. 

“But this is a guy, who away from boxing is probably extremely comfortable, and I’m sure he had a very fruitful boxing year. The harder thing will be to keep people excited, trying to find a way to fight [Conor] McGregor or [Jorge] Masvidal.

“Tommy Fury is a big fight over here [in the UK] but not in the US. Novelty acts have a lifespan unless you keep raising the bar.”

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