Is Tyron Woodley good enough to replace Tommy Fury against Jake Paul?

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Jake Paul vs. Tyron Woodley Showtime Boxing

Ak and Barak believe that Tyron Woodley is a worthwhile replacement for Tommy Fury in Jake Paul’s next fight.

Paul was due to fight Tyson Fury’s younger brother in Florida in mid-December, but the light heavyweight pulled out with a bacterial chest infection and a broken rib.

Woodley has been training despite having no imminent action of his own on the cards, and has been brought back for a rematch, as the 24-year-old YouTuber’s toughest opponent so far in their last match-up.

Speaking on the DAZN Boxing Show, Barak Bess made it clear that he thinks the fight will not be another walkover for Paul.

“That’s just it. The fight was competitive,” he began. “If we need a replacement, who else are we going to get? We’re 11, 12 days away. The only bad thing about this is the first thing people are going to say is that Woodley did not have enough time to train.

“That’s the reality, though. I looked at his Instagram,and five days ago he’s hitting his pad. There’s a video where Jake Paul says Tyrson Woodley has been training, but maybe Tyron Woodley was training just in case.”

Akin Reyes agreed that there was no indication Woodley would not offer up decent resistance.

“There are a lot of fighters who stay in the gym, who are gym rats,” he explained.  

“Even in retirement they train, doing the pads, doung the crossfit and stuff. A great opportunity fell in his lap. Here’s a guy he wanted to beat, and he’s going get paid a hell of a lot to do it.”

Bess replied,  “The fight was competitive, there was that round where he knocked him into the ropes and should have counted as a knockdown. Maybe we'll get a more interesting fight.”


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