Jake Paul feels explosive confrontation with Tyron Woodley's camp got 'out of control'

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CLEVELAND — One could feel the tension during Thursday's pre-fight press conference with Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley ahead of their boxing match on Sunday from Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse. 

Things reached a fever pitch at the conclusion of the presser when a member of Paul's team and Woodley's mother exchanged heated words about this weekend's contest. Woodley attempted a couple of different ways to get over to his mother and the member of Paul's team but was held back by security. There were obscenities, pushing and shoving between the fight camps until security and police were able to get Woodley and his team out of the ballroom.


Neither fighter nor any from the respective fight teams suffered any injuries, as it could have been a lot worse. 

"Just back and forth banter that got out of control between the team and his family members," Paul told DAZN News about 30 minutes after the incident. "Tensions are high. Everyone is in the wrong. I told my team that too. No one was just acting up for no reason. Everyone was talking trash, and it just escalated too fast. Not a good look. If it was like anything else, I'd be like, ‘Cool, let's run it (on social media)’. But when it's family members and moms on Women's Equality Day, I'm like, ‘I don't know about this."

Leading up to Sunday's battle, Paul and Woodley have been spewing venom towards each other. It started in the locker room after Paul knocked out Woodley teammate Ben Askren. The social media content creator told Woodley that he could be next and end up like his friend. Woodley didn't take kindly to that and has vowed to be the one who rids boxing of the 24-year-old. It's even gotten to the point where Paul and Woodley made a bet the loser has to get a tattoo of the other's name.

Christmas cards are unlikely to be exchanged. But could there at least be a truce once the fight ends?

"Have to see how it goes (the fight) to be honest," Paul said. "I thought I'd be cordial with Ben Askren. I had no bad blood toward him. Then he got on the interviews and started s—talking and making excuses, saying that he didn't even feel the hit. F— you. You're a b—. They don't like you. So it depends on how Tyron handles it. And if he doesn't get the tattoo after I beat him, then I'm gonna be like, ‘That's not cool. Like you shook on it as a man’." 

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