Diaz Jr. vs. Rakhimov results: JoJo Diaz and Shavkatdzhon Rakhimov battle to a majority draw

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Joseph "Jojo" Diaz Jr. was fighting for his future against Shavkatdzhon Rakhimov on Saturday night at Fantasy Springs Resort Casino in Indio, Calif., because he came in 3.6 pounds overweight and was forced to relinquish his IBF junior lightweight title.

His future was hanging in the balance, but Diaz roared back to secure a majority draw with Rakhimov (115-113 Diaz, 114-114, 114-114). DAZN News scored the fight 115-113 for Diaz. Due to the result, the IBF belt remains vacant.


“I’m not disappointed at all. I know who I am," Diaz said in his post-fight interview. "I work hard, man, I’m a hard worker. I’m a disciplined fighter."

“It just wasn’t my night. I couldn’t make the weight like I used to. They don’t have no sauna here, they had me walking around my room with the f—ing heater on. It was completely different to how a professional, world title fight should be.

"I had to try to adapt to it, but my body just felt weak and I couldn’t do it. My health is more important. I still came out here and fought, and I’m not gonna risk my life trying to make the weight, really deplete myself and get hurt in the ring.

"There’s no need to f—ing please anybody. I’m doing this for myself and my family. That’s the person that I need to look out for, myself and nobody else.”

Diaz (31-1-1, 15 KOs) started out trying to go for the finish by countering Rakhimov. But Diaz slowed down a bit, and Rakimov (15-0-1, 12 KOs) took advantage in the middle rounds. He came out firing hard left hands, stunning Diaz on more than one occasion. 

Entering the ninth round, Rakhimov appeared to be a couple of rounds away from winning his first major world title. To Diaz's credit, he showed championship mettle by being the aggressor and the better boxer to wear Rakhimov down, as the final horn sounded for the draw. 

It is unknown what will be next for Diaz and Rakhimov. A rematch with the belt on the line would make the most sense. 

Here is what happened at Diaz vs. Rakhimov.


Joseph Diaz Jr. and Shavkatdzhon Rakhimov go to a majority draw

Diaz and Rakhimov battle to a majority draw (115-113 Diaz, 114-114, 114-114). DAZN News scored the fight 115-113 for Diaz. A very close fight that could have went either way. Rakhimov is going to kick himself for letting the latter half of the fight get away from him. 

Diaz-Rakhimov Round 12

Diaz is showing what being a champion means. He's using all angles and connecting at will and Rakhimov has no answers. Diaz is pushing through when he really needs to with his back against the wall. (Diaz 10-9, 115-113 Diaz)

Diaz-Rakhimov Round 11

Diaz is in a groove and he can feel it. Rakhimov is trying as hard as he could and fighting exhaustion. He needs the best three minutes of his life. It all comes down to the final round. (10-9 Diaz, 105-104 Diaz)

Diaz-Rakhimov Round 10

Endurance is playing a factor and it's now in Diaz's favor. He's found his legs and it's benefitting him. He's firing off combinations, and showing better footwork. Rakhimov doesn't have his legs under him and one can tell he's exhausted. (Diaz 10-9, 95-95)

Diaz-Rakhimov Round 9

Diaz is in a rhythm. He's connecting on combinations while Rakhimov is looking for a one-hitter quitter. Diaz is tiring as the round is closing. Can his cardio hold up? We have a close fight. (10-9 Diaz, 86-85 Rakhimov)

Diaz-Rakhimov Round 8

Diaz is getting close and controlling the round with the left hand. Rakhimov fires back and moves Diaz back with a left hand. Diaz bounces back with a combination. Diaz finishes the round off well as he connects on another combination. (10-9 Diaz, 77-75 Rakhimov)

Diaz vs. Rakhimov Round 7

Rakhimov rocks Diaz with a left hand. Diaz is grabbing Rakhimov, trying to survive. Diaz comes back, though, with a couple hard left hands of his own to end the round. Can Diaz build off what he accomplished in the final moments? (10-9 Rakhimov, 68-65 Rakhimov)

Diaz-Rakhimov Round 6

Look at the pressure from Rakhimov. He's not letting Diaz get off but that's also in part to Diaz's inactivity. (10-9 Rakhimov, 58-56 Rakhimov)

Diaz-Rakhimov Round 5

Rakhimov is making Diaz's nose target practice. He's mixing up the jab and left hand that Diaz is having a bit of a hard time with. (10-9 Rakhimov, 48-47 Rakhimov)

Diaz-Rakhimov Round 4

A sharp round for Rakhimov. Again, he's coming right out in Diaz's face and throwing combinations, which is the name of the game for him. A solid left hook-right hook combination for Rakhimov. Diaz is trying to establish the jab but Rakhimov is finding his distance. (10-9 Rakhimov, 38-38)

Diaz-Rakhimov Round 3

Rakhimov comes out firing to begin the round. Diaz survives the storm and begins to use the jab. But Rakhimov is walking through punches and applying constant pressure. Diaz has to start throwing and not let Rakhimov gain momentum. (10-9 Rakhimov, 29-28 Diaz)

Diaz-Rakhimov Round 2

What power from Diaz. A left hand snaps Rakhimov's head back. Another Diaz left finds the mark that Rakhimov took well. A left hand by Rakhimov busts open Diaz's nose as we end the round. Diaz's nose is bloody as he walks back to his corner. (10-9 Diaz, 20-18 Diaz)

Joseph Diaz Jr.-Shavkatdzhon Rakhimov Round 1

This has been an intriguing opening round so far. Rakhimov is coming out looking for the knockout and landing hard lefts. Diaz comes back with a sharp straight left hand. You can see the zip in Diaz's hands as they are quicker than Rakhimov. (10-9 Diaz)

Main event time

It's time for the main event of the evening as Joseph "JoJo" Diaz (31-1,15 KOs) takes on Shavkatdzhon Rakhimov (15-0, 12 KOs). Only Rakhimov can win the IBF junior lightweight title since Diaz inexplicably missed weight by 3.6 pounds. 

The question is: How focused is Diaz? He's got a lot going on behind the scenes. And how good is Rakhimov?

Here we go.

Brian Castano batters Patrick Teixeira to claim WBO junior middleweight title

Castano def. Teixeira by unanimous decision (120-108, 119-109, 117-111) to win the WBO junior middleweight championship. DAZN News scored the fight 118-108 for Castano.

The name of the game for Castano was pressure. He kept his foot on the gas pedal for all 36 minutes. He stayed in Teixeira's space and never gave him any chance of winning by throwing power shot after power shot. 

What was very impressive that in the 12th round, Castano could have rode his bicycle and stayed far away from Teixeira as possible. Instead, Castano kept the same pace and nearly finished Teixeira on the feet to capture his first world title.

Now, Castano puts himself in prime position to take on three-belt 154-pound champion Jermell Charlo. 

Teixeira-Castano Round 12

Castano is looking for the finish. He's throwing the kitchen sink. A right stuns Teixeira, who turns his back to Castano. 

Castano keeps going but somehow Teixeira is standing. Teixeira has guts. (Castano 10-8, 118-108 Castano)

Teixeira-Castano Round 11

Even though he's up on the scorecards, Castano is competing the same way as he did in the first round. What a performance. Teixeira needs a stoppage heading into the final stanza. (10-9 Castano, 108-100 Castano)

Teixeira-Castano Round 10

This is another entertaining stanza. Both guys are just slugging it out. Castano fires a right hand that buckles Teixieira for a moment. Teixieira is trying to come back but Castano is relentless. (10-9 Castano, 98-92 Castano)

Teixeira-Castano Round 9

Teixeira is bringing the momentum he garnered from the previous round. He's hitting the body and keeping Castano against the ropes. But Castano flips the script and is fighting on the inside in the latter half of the round. (10-9 Castano, 88-83 Castano)

Teixeira-Castano Round 8

Castano is systematically breaking Teixieira down. Teixeira is finally listening to his corner and emphasizing on pushing Castano back and going to the body. Needs to continue to do that. (10-9 Teixeira, 78-74 Castano)

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