Kell Brook responds to Amir Khan's challenge, says he will knock him out

Kell-Brook-020820-GETTY-FTR (Getty Images)

Kell Brook has accepted Amir Khan's challenge for a British welterweight grudge fight as the two long-time rivals look set to finally meet in the ring.

Brook vs. Khan seemed inevitable ever since the two rose through the ranks in the early 2010s, and it appeared to be a surefire box office hit in either 2015 or 2016 while the two resided at world championship level.

However the fight never did come off, and there is no denying that a 2021 version of the showdown will pale in comparison to what could have been.

Nonetheless, the top of the welterweight division is now occupied by the likes of Terence Crawford, who stopped both British fighters, and Errol Spence Jr, who took the IBF welterweight strap from Brook in 2017. So, circling back to one another appears to be the best move for all involved.

Khan had reignited the topic by telling the Khaleej Times last month: “I wanna fight again around March or April and there are so many names out there. There are so many deals on the table, in the Middle East as well. So, let’s see how that plays out.

“I think someone like Kell Brook, who has always been running his mouth, I think it is about time now to put him in his place and shut him up for good.”

On Thursday, Brook called in to The White and Jordan Show on Talksport to offer his official response. 

“I don’t know if it’s a publicity stunt of if he does actually want it," Brook said in reference to the majority belief among fight fans that it was Khan who threw up more obstacles in previous attempts to make the fight, not 'Special K'.

“It sounds like he does and that’s music to my ears. It’s a fight that everyone’s wanted for a long time, so if it does happen, happy days. I think it’s clear that I want the fight.

“It just caps the career I’ve had, to be in a fight such as that – the highlight of the career. I believe they [the fans] still want it.

“If we can get it across the line and it can happen, I think it’ll definitely catch fire again once we start promoting the fight. And what a fight it’ll be.”

When asked if he thinks he takes Khan, even after his recent loss to Crawford, Brook added: "There’s only one winner and that’s me.

“It’s always been me and, as soon as he’s signed that contract, he’ll know pretty quick as well. I’ll be taking that win.

“I’m just confident in that fight, I’ve seen his fights and I just believe that it’s a great fight us meshing together.

“I just believe that I’ve got the shot and I’ll find a way to catch his chin and end the night. I’m confident I’d knock him out, definitely yeah.”

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