KSI could beat Jake Paul, claims Kalle Sauerland

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Jake-Paul-Triller-041821-GETTY-FTR Getty Images

Promoter Kalle Sauerland believes that YouTube celebrity would be able to ‘beat up’ his social media peer Jake Paul.

KSI, his management Proper Loud and Wasserman Boxing hope to promote celebrity boxing fights, and KSI vs. Jake Paul could be on the cards, according to Sauerland.

Speaking to Sky Sports, the German said: "He has beaten up one brother so he can do the other brother too. Why not?

"This isn't about just one fight, it's about creating a stable, creating longevity.

"We are thinking longer term.”

Given KSI’s success over Jake’s brother Logan, Sauerland sees no reason for him to fear the American.

"But KSI kicked Logan Paul's butt so why wouldn't he do the same to Jake?” he asked.

"This is one for the future.

"But it's about creating the vision."

Jake Paul has three wins in three professional fights, his last victory coming against UFC fighter Ben Askren in just one round. On August 28 he is set to fight another former UFC fighter, Tyron Woodley.

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