KSI destroys Luis Alcaraz Pineda in third-round KO, goes 2-0 on the night

KSI-Pineda_25082022 Misfits Boxing

KSI finished Saturday night like he started it — by recording a knockout victory.

After producing a second-round TKO of British rapper Swarmz earlier in the evening, KSI easily blasted Luis Alcaraz Pineda with a third-round TKO to go 2-0 at London's 02 Arena.

The easy work set off the inaugural MF & DAZN: X Series with a bang for the YouTuber boxer.

"I talked the talk and I walked the walk," said KSI before calling out everyone from Slim the Hitman to Andrew Tate and Tommy Fury.

KSI opened the card by dropping Swarmz in the first round, before stopping him in the second.

In his second main event of the night, KSI proceeded to drop an outmatched, almost fearful looking Pineda twice in each of the first, second and third rounds before the referee finally brought the bout to a halt, crediting him with his second knockout.

Here's how the entire KSI vs. Swarmz and Luis Alcaraz Pineda card went on DAZN and DAZN pay-per-view.


KSI stops Pineda in round 3

Third and final round — here we go! KSI unloads an overhand right as his first punch of the round and scores another knockdown. Seconds later, an uppercut makes Pineda taste the canvas again. This is embarrassing. And just as that's being said, the ref finally ends it. KSI gets a third-round KO and goes 2-0 on the night. Let's see who he calls out in the postfight interview.

KSI vs. Pineda; Round 2

Clubbing overhand right lands for KSI early into the round. The O2 crowd rains down with chants of "K-S-I! K-S-I!" Seconds later, KSI obliges them with a right hand to the temple that drops Pineda yet again. Pineda is up but on his bike, desperately trying to avoid any more damage. KSI drops Pineda again — this time with some body shots. The ref could end it right here but he doesn't. Meanwhile, while he's registering the count, KSI busts out a set of pushups to the crowd's delight. Another round, another pair of knockdowns. Yet, Pineda somehow survives. (10-7 KSI, 20-14 KSI)

KSI vs. Pineda; Round 1

KSI's second fight of the night is on. He comes out blazing, letting his hands go. He's mauling Pineda and drops him already with a barrage of body shots!! Pineda claims the shot that dropped him was a rabbit punch but the ref registers a count nonetheless. Seconds later, KSI drops him again with a right hand! Another knockdown! This is all before the 90-second mark of the round! Pineda is doing a lot of whining in the ring, saying he has been hit behind the head and illegally. The ref isn't hearing any of it. It seems like the spotlight is too bright for Pineda. We understand that Pineda is a "professional boxer" but he sure isn't showing any of that tact right now. (10-7 KSI)

Here comes KSI

Making his walk for the second time tonight.

Pineda makes his entrance

Entertainment value high

For whatever it's worth, this card has been wildly entertaining between the walkouts, knockouts, and colorful celebratory comments. You cannot be mad at that and there's no reason to be.

Second main event is upon us

We are moments away from KSI competing in his second fight of the night. He already ran through and demolished Swarmz to open this card up. Now, he'll attempt to close out this same card by defeating pro boxer Luis Alcaraz Pineda up next. KSI hasn't shied away from saying he wants a fight with Jake Paul. Producing fireworks against Pineda could help bring that wish into fruition.

Unbelievable knockout by Slim the Hitman!

Hitman buckles Temper's knees with a huge right hook. Sensing he has Temper reeling, Hitman unloads with the same punch and blasts Temper across the jaw. Temper is down with a thud! He makes it up on his feet but the ref has seen enough. Huge, highlight reel second-round KO for Slim the Hitman!

In this community of YouTuber and social media boxers, Slim is a problem out here.

Faze Temper and Slim the Hitman going at it

Faze and Slim essentially discarded any thought of using the sweet science and locked themselves in the phone booth, where they let their hands go. Slim got the better of the action, landing some stiff blows. There's blood on the face of Temper, while Hitman's nose is red, too.

Co-main event time

Faze Temper vs. Slim the Hitman serves as the co-main event for the evening. Slim stepped in late for rapper Blueface and he's relishing in the moment, dancing out to the ring to the sounds of Vanessa Carlton. 

Fousey's corner throws in the towel

A solid barrage of punches in the third round prompts the ref to register a standing-eight count on Fousey. Seconds later, Deji keeps bringing the pain until Fousey's corner throws in the towel. Impressive, dominant victory for Deji.

Jake Paul is aware.

Deji drops Fousey with a jab

Sneaky left-handed jab drops Fousey during the waning seconds of the second round. Deji is in complete control through two.

Logan Paul is loving it.

Solid opening round from Deji

Deji repeatedly finding a home with his left hand. On the defensive end, he frustrates Fousey more by slipping punches smoothly.

Look who's here ...

Heated rivalry to ignite next

It's personal between these two as Deji, KSI's brother, takes on Fousey. Both fighters are looking to punch a first victory in boxing.


Finally, a fight that goes to the cards. But wow did the judges not get this one right!

After four rounds, judges score it 38-38, 39-37, and 39-38 in favor of King Kenny.

I don't know how judges can give it to King Kenny by majority decision. It doesn't make much sense, as Faze Sensei was credited with a 10-8 opening round. He also buzzed Kenny in the third round and did enough to take the fourth in my book. This should have been scored a unanimous decision for Faze Sensei. 

An inexplicable scoring from judges in this one.

Sensei keeps applying pressure

In round three, where Sensei puts Kenny on jelly legs behind another massive right hand. Again, Kenny recovers well. However, Sensei is landing the better, more significant shots. Plus, Kenny's lack of movement isn't helping his cause much either.

Refs quick to register standing-eight counts tonight

Faze Sensei with a huge step-in right hand that packed enough force for the ref to hit King Kenny with a standing-eight count. Considering the lack of boxing experience on this card, refs understandably want to play it cautiously. Makes good sense. Sensei gets credited with a first-round knockdown although Kenny seemed to rebound and recover well the rest of the frame.

Hasim Rahman Jr. vs. Vitor Belfort announced for Oct. 15

Rahman makes it official, speaking with DAZN's broadcast team. Remember, he was supposed to fight Jake Paul earlier this month before the bout was scrapped. Well, it looks like he'll get his big fight against the former UFC great.

Three more fights until KSI vs. Pineda

We've had four fights, resulting in four knockouts thus far. King Kenny and Faze Sensei are about to take the ring next.

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