Michael Conlan reacts to Josh Taylor's controversial win over Jack Catterall: 'It's disgusting'

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It's clear the dust hasn't settled on Josh Taylor's controversial points win against Jack Catterall last weekend in Glasgow for the undisputed super lightweight title.

Taylor was victorious via a split decision, but it's a result which is being disputed by the majority of fans, pundits and fighters.

Now Michael Conlan, who challenges for Leigh Wood's WBA 'regular' featherweight title on March 12th, has given his verdict on the result. 

"I thought it was a terrible decision," Conlan told The DAZN Boxing Show.

"A young man’s chance to become an undisputed world champion which will probably never happen again if Josh moves up and the belts go different ways, he [Catterall] will never get that opportunity again.

"He should’ve been crowned. If there is a rematch and he doesn’t win it, he’s had that moment ripped away from him forever, it’s terrible.

"It’s disgusting actually."

Conlan has been on the wrong end of some points decision, most notably at the Rio 2016 Olympics which resulted in a heated outburst from the 30-year-old.

However, Conlan believes that despite the outrage, the decision will not be reversed. 

"The fact that people can do this and nothing be done about it.

"The decision will not be overturned no matter what we say, no matter how much people shout about it.

"I had Catterall winning by four, five rounds.

"After six rounds I had 5-0, one even and I had no bias in this fight because I’m friendly with Josh Taylor and I don’t really know Jack Catterall so if I wanted anybody to win it was Josh."

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