Mike Tyson wants Logan Paul to fight Badou Jack: 'He's stupid enough to do it'

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Logan-Paul-111019-westcott-ftr (Amanda Westcott/DAZN)

Logan Paul's recent exhibition against Floyd Mayweather Jr had the entire world talking, and yet nobody was talking as much as Logan himself and his brother Jake Paul.

Purring over the success of the spectacle, Logan said in a podcast appearance alongside his brother shortly after the June event that it gave him the confidence that he could do a similar bout against the legendary Mike Tyson, who at 55 also partakes in non-competitive bouts.

Paul said: "I'm like: 'Bro, I literally just went through all of this, you can't tell me I can't beat Mike Tyson'. Bro, he's old, old!"

This led to 'The Baddest Man On The Planet' offering his thoughts on the situation, in quotes picked up by The Daily Mail.

"I'm trying to get Logan Paul to fight Badou Jack," said Tyson, whose own next exhibition fight remains TBA. 

"I wanna see what he says about that. He is stupid enough to do it. That would be so beautiful, if that could happen."

He then said to Jack, a former world light-heavyweight and super-middleweight champion: "He did really well in the Floyd fight, so it's a possibility he could go a couple of rounds with you, a couple of exciting rounds."

Jack replied: "I'll fight him, but do you think he'd want to fight me? 

"I don't believe he's got the balls to fight me. I don't think he's stupid enough."

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