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Natasha Jonas vs. Mikaela Mayer: Fighters ready to make big change for title fight

Natasha Jonas vs. Mikaela Mayer: Fighters ready to make big change for title fightDAZN
The two are set to meet next year.

Natasha Jonas is willing to fight Mikaela Mayer over 12 three-minute rounds in her title defence.

Jones will hope to retain her IBF welterweight strap on January 20, and the fight is currently set to be 10 rounds of two minutes each, which is standard for high-profile bouts in women’s boxing.

However  there has been a recent shift from some women in boxing to make the switch to 12 three-minute sessions, to match men’s boxing.

"We're the type of pioneers who should be doing that," Mayer told Sky Sports. "These are the type of moves we should be making.

"I train 12 three-minute rounds in the gym, that's the pace that I'm used to.

"That's the pace I feel like I get better and better, and my IQ starts to grow and I break my opponents down. I don't have that luxury in a fight.

"We should be following what Amanda Serrano did.

"Maybe she [Jonas] feels it's a little late in her career for making that sort of adjustment. Maybe. That's all I can think of. She is part of the generation in women's boxing that's pioneering the sport.

"The only thing I can think of is she doesn't think she can do it. The petition I signed with Serrano is that we have the choice. It is her choice. She is the champ."

Jonas said that she was ready to consider it, as it had not been a discussion in previous talks.

Shes said: "Genuinely that was never anything spoken about. That was never something that was asked. The contract with 10-twos, that's what it was, there was no other option.

"That's what I thought it would be. For her to mention that, it was a shock to me because I'd never been told that.

"I'm happy to have the conversation," she continued. "Sometimes with the way that TV works with timeslots, to change it might make it difficult for the rest of the card so I get that. But I still need to have the conversation."

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