Oleksandr Usyk vs. Anthony Joshua 2: Who won the first fight? DAZN re-scores the fight

Anthony Joshua vs. Olexandr Usyk Matchroom Boxing

Oleksandr Usyk and Anthony Joshua lock horns for the second time with the IBF, WBA (super), and WBO heavyweight titles at stake from Saudi Arabia on Saturday night. 

Usyk and Joshua first met in September 2021 with the same titles on the line from Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, London in Joshua's home country of England.

Who won the first fight between two of the best heavyweights in the world?

DAZN takes a look back and re-scores the fight so follow along below. 


Oleksandr Usyk becomes three-belt heavyweight champion

Oleksandr Usyk def. Anthony Joshua by unanimous decision (117-112, 116-112, 115-113) to win the IBF, WBA (super) and WBO heavyweight titles.

Joshua-Usyk; Round 12

A strong start for Usyk. A left shook Joshua's legs followed by a double left from Usyk moved Joshua back. Joshua would throw but the punches weren't hitting Usyk and was just the glove.

Joshua looked off-kilter, so he couldn't set himself properly to land the fatal blow. With about 15 seconds remaining and Joshua against the ropes, Usyk just connected one big shot after another. If Joshua wasn't against the ropes, he would have been dropped and possibly stopped. 

We should have a new champion as the fight now resided in the judges hands. 

(10-9 Usyk, 117-111 Usyk)

Joshua-Usyk; Round 11

Not taking his foot off the pedal, Usyk starts out the aggressor with a bevy of shots. Sensing some urgency, Joshua landed a hard right. Has to pump out more of those. The power shots are coming and landing for the champion. 

With a minute to go, Usyk reeled off a four-punch combination. Usyk was going to the body, and another left to end the stanza. Usyk's feeling it as he's now three minutes away from becoming the world's heavyweight champion. 

(10-9 Usyk, 107-102 Usyk)


Joshua-Usyk; Round 10

Usyk came out again landing. Joshua landed a right hand, but Usyk blasted a left of his own. A stinging left down the middle caused Joshua's nose to bloody. At distance, Joshua fires a laser right and a digging left to the body. 

Also bleeding down his face, Usyk wasn't deterred as a left knocked Joshua off balance. Joshua has a huge mouse under his eye and is almost closed. He needs a knockout to win.

(10-9 Usyk, 97-93 Usyk)

Joshua-Usyk; Round 9

Usyk came out again after losing a round and going right at Joshua. He went back to the jab that got him back into a rhythm. He cracked a hard left to wobble Joshua slightly. Joshua went back to the body but too little, too late. He needs to win the last three rounds to retain the heavyweight titles. 

(10-9 Usyk, 87-84 Usyk)

Joshua-Usyk; Round 8

Usyk didn't do much in the round. Instead, he gave Joshua space which let Joshua land multiple shots to the solar plexus and fire off the jab. Joshua has to keep doing that. It's keeping Usyk at bay and starting to wear him down.

(10-9 Joshua, 77-75 Usyk)

Joshua-Usyk; Round 7

Usyk came out with urgency, walked right towards Joshua, and threw a two-punch combination to let the champion know he wasn't going anywhere. The left hand found a home for Usyk. He kept blasting it at will and pressuring Joshua so he couldn't get set. Great bounce back and much-needed round for Usyk. Joshua had all the momentum, but Usyk negated it.

(10-9 Usyk, 68-65 Usyk)

Joshua-Usyk; Round 6

Joshua moved more to get Usyk towards the ropes, and when he was set, he fired the jab. He should have been doing this from the outset. 

Usyk's face is getting a bit bruised. Usyk fired off shots, but Joshua's came in faster and with more pop. A big right hand landed for Joshua, which caused the crowd to roar. With about 15 seconds left, Joshua fires a right hook to back Usyk up. 

Can Joshua keep the momentum? What adjustments does Usyk need to make?

(10-9 Joshua, 58-56 Usyk)


Joshua-Usyk; Round 5

Usyk begins the fifth with a three-punch combination. Joshua continued to stay in the middle of the ring and paw the jab. 

A hard right to the body for Joshua, which he needs to do more of. Wear down the smaller man; the best way to do that is to start there. None of it fazes Usyk as he lands a couple of lefts, but Joshua continued to pound the body and throw the right cross. Can see the confidence starting to come back in the Englishman. His first winning round of the fight. 

(10-9 Joshua, 49-46 Usyk)

Joshua-Usyk; Round 4

Joshua came out for the fourth, looking like a deer in the headlights. Usyk made that feeling last as an overhand right caught Joshua off balance. 

No sense of urgency from Joshua. He blasted a right hand but didn't follow up and let Usyk go right back to work with a crisp left cross. Finally, Joshua connected on a combination in the final moments but not enough to win the round. He's letting Usyk be too comfortable and feeling like he can do whatever he pleases. 

(10-9 Usyk, 40-36 Usyk)

Joshua-Usyk; Round 3

No laying back from Usyk. He returned to the middle of the ring and asserted his dominance, finding a home again for the straight left hand. 

Can see Joshua's mind wondering what to do and is attempting to place shots instead of just throwing. He's just popping the jab but it isn't enough. 

An overhand left wobbled Joshua for a moment and was in a little bit of trouble. They walked back to their respective corners and Usyk gave Joshua a wide grin. Joshua is in big trouble and he's already down three rounds against one of the best fighters in the world. 

(10-9 Usyk, 30-27 Usyk)

Joshua-Usyk; Round 2

A lot of feinting from both guys. Joshua continues to rely on trying to outbox the boxer, but Usyk saw what was coming. He just blasted one straight left after another. There's no movement from Joshua. He's flinging instead of going into his punches. 

(10-9 Usyk, 20-18 Usyk)

Joshua-Usyk; Round 1

Usyk showed no fear at the outset. As soon as the bell sounded, he met Joshua right in the middle of the ring. Joshua is content on pumping the jab in the early going.

One thing Joshua didn't do was try and get Usyk against the ropes. He stayed in the middle of the ring and didn't use his weight advantage to attempt and wear the Ukrainian down. Usyk made it a point of using his superior footwork and coming in and out, which allowed him to fire off a couple of power shots that seemed to surprise Joshua. A good opening round for the former undisputed cruiserweight champion in front of a pro-Joshua crowd. 

(10-9 Usyk)

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