Rachel Ball: Bantamweight title is mine to win against Jorgelina Guanini

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ball-11092020-ftr Matchroom

Rachel Ball aims to put in an improved performance as she prepares to face Argentine boxer Jorgelina Guanini for the vacant WBA bantamweight world title on 14 November at the SSE Arena.

In her last outing, Ball defeated Shannon Courtenay during the Matchroom Fight Camp series in August, but the 29-year-old Briton is looking for more to beat Guanini, who also holds the IBF super-flyweight belt.

“I’m pleased with my performance," said Ball. "I’m very proud of myself, but I want to show more. Some people are still questioning my ability. I want to show them what I’m really about.

"I know how hard it is to get those decisions away from home, so I was relieved when my hand went up. Shannon needs the rematch more than me. I’m not really that bothered, and that’s no disrespect to her. I just want to fight as many people as I can."

Guanini stepped in as a replacement opponent as Ball had planned to face Ebanie Bridges, but the Australian had to withdraw due to an injury.

Ball does not believe that late change will put her off her stride, saying: “I’ve got to take things as they come, and this is my next challenge. I’m just preparing as hard as I can for that.

“There’s no point me looking any further than that. I’ve been given a great opportunity and I need to grab it with both hands. I’ll see what happens afterwards. 

“I am overdue a stoppage. I need to get one. I know I am going to win this fight and I’m going home with that belt. That belt is not getting on that plane! It’s mine to win. I’m just overexcited that I’m back again so soon. I keep thinking about it and I don’t know if it’s real yet. “

Ball again made it clear that she was using the time out of the ring to improve on her weaknesses and wants to put on an impressive display.

“I feel like I’ve got a lot to prove in terms of stepping up from last time. I want to come out of the ring and have Matthew Macklin on the commentary saying, ‘this girl has really stepped up, she looks like a completely different fighter’. I want him to get excited over me, not my opponent. 

“I want everyone to get excited about my performance, and to show how much I’ve been listening and implementing everything that I’ve been told.

“I want fans to see a different Rachel Ball from the last one. I want them to see a whole new different level of strength, power and fitness. I felt like I had a really good fight camp last time. This time it has been even better. We’ve stepped it up a whole new level so I’m expecting that to be reflected in my performance."

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