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Ryan Garcia builds his perfect fighter from the best in boxing history

Ryan Garcia builds his perfect fighter from the best in boxing historyDAZN
The American fights this Saturday.

Ryan Garcia built his perfect boxer in a task set for him by DAZN, ahead of his comeback fight against Oscar Duarte on Saturday.

That clash, his first since his defeat to Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis earlier in the year, will be shown live on Saturday.

But before then he was quizzed on the best qualities from those who have made their name in the sport, past and present.

He discussed his favourite ringwalks and best trashtalkers, but also broke down some other fighters' most notable skills.

Ring IQ

Ryan Garcia: “Best ring IQ I would have to go with Floyd Mayweather Jr., or Sugar Ray Robinson, he had a lot of IQ in there.”


RG: "I would say best mentality was Floyd Mayweather, his mentality was unmatched, and his work ethic, his determination always got him the victory."


RG: ”I would say Muhammaed Ali, he had the best jab. Especially as he was a heavyweight, throwing that kind of jab was tough.”

Body shots

RG: “The best boxer that's giving body shots was Ricky Hatton with his left hooks to the body. Canelo Alvarez also had a great body shot. Also Micky Ward! With that great body shot to the liver. Final answer: Micky Ward."

Punch speed

RG: "I would say either Manny Pacquiao, Amir Khan has crazy speed, myself, so many people, Sugar Ray Leonard, so many people. I have to say myself: I’m the fastest!"

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