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Spencer Oliver fears for Jake Paul win in eventual clash with Mike Tyson

Ash Rose
Spencer Oliver fears for Jake Paul win in eventual clash with Mike TysonGettyImages
The crossover event has been delayed.

Spencer Oliver fears that a win for Jake Paul in his upcoming fight with Mike Tyson could be damaging for the boxing legend. 

Tyson and the YouTube star are still slated to meet in the ring this year despite the fight being delayed thanks to the 58-year-old's ill health. 

A new date for the clash is set to be announced on June 7, but Oliver told talkSPORT Bet, about the concerns he has for someone of Tyson's age going head-to-head with the 27-year-old Paul. 

He said: “Boxing is a young man's sport. You don’t want to see people in the ring in their 50s, because they can’t do it.

“Mike Tyson’s last competitive, professional fight was against Kevin McBride in 2005. He's not going to have improved in the last 20 years with the life that he's lived. It's no secret that he smokes and drinks – that's not good for the body.

“Jake Paul is improving as a fighter. Could you imagine if he knocks out Tyson? That is damaging.

“I know it’s two-minute rounds but it’s a sad spectacle – you don't want to be remembered for that. Let him be remembered for the great fights all those years ago.”

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