Terence Crawford: I don't care about fighting Errol Spence Jr. anymore

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Terence_Crawford_111420-mikey-williams-top-rank-ftr (Mikey Williams/Top Rank)

Welterweight champion Terence Crawford has dismissed the appeal of fighting fellow belt holder Errol Spence Jr.

Speaking to DAZN's Ak & Barak Show, Crawford was asked if he was still interested in fighting the IBF and WBC champion, or if he was looking towards other fights.

Crawford said: "I don’t even care about those titles, to be honest. I was already undisputed. He’s trying to do something that I’ve already accomplished in my career.

"I just want to keep putting on the performances that I’ve been putting on, beat whoever they put in front of me and make my money, provide for my family."

It was then suggested that he would still get back in the ring if a 50-50 purse split was proposed, but he was non-committal.

"I don’t know. Because I’m past that," he said. "I’ve been calling for those fights since I’ve been at 140. If you go back all the way, I was calling out Keith Thurman, Errol Spence, all those guys.

"Once I moved up everybody was saying get a belt. I move up to and I get a belt my first fight - no tune-up - at welterweight.

"I’m not about to be playing these games where they say, 'We’ll fight you when we’ll fight you,' on their terms. If we’re going to fight, we’re gonna fight, if we’re not, we’re not. It’s cool."

Crawford was also unenthused by the idea of facing Vergil Ortiz Jr., who called for the WBO fighter after beating his stablemate Maurice Hooker at the weekend. Hesaid that Ortiz was too green and vulnerable to pose much of a threat to him.

"I see a lot of holes in his game to be exploited if we fight. He’s not ready yet. Let him grow," he explained.

"He’s saying stuff like 'If they give me that fight I’ll take it,' but he’s not saying he wants that fight.

"Of course, it’s going to be the biggest payday of his career but at the same time I don’t think he knows in his heart he can beat Terence Crawford. I know for sure in my heart I can beat Vergil."

"They’re trying to move him too fast, he needs to keep a couple more fights with different calibre fighters. He’s never been past seven rounds."

Unsurprisingly, Crawford was open to the idea of fighting Manny Pacquiao, smiling as he said: "We have to see," about a potential fight in Saudi Arabia.

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