Tyson Fury accepts $1 million bet with Jake Paul in Tommy Fury fight; has doubts Paul can pay him

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Tyson Fury GettyImages

WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury is ready to put up a significant amount of money if his half-brother Tommy, can beat Jake Paul on Aug. 6. 

Initially, Fury offered to pony up $100,000 on his younger sibling to beat the social media star turned professional boxer. Paul upped the ante.

“Hey Tyson, you f—ing p—," Paul said on Twitter. "You made $40 million — not as much as me — but let's up the ante. Let’s bet a million on it, Tyson. Two million, three million, however much you want to f—ing bet. Let’s do it.

“So f— your $100K, let’s make a better bet and make it worth a couple million. Are you down?”

Fury responded quickly by agreeing to the offer. But he wants some assurances that Paul will pay up in full as he doesn't believe "The Problem Child" has the funds for such a wager.

“Hey, Jakey Boy, I hear you want a bet a bigger bet than $100,000,” Fury said. “You want a bigger bet motherf—? You want a million dollars? Let’s do it. Holler at your boy. You want a million? You got it.

“And hey, Jakey, I want to see this million dollars in escrow, sucker, cause I don’t think you’ve got a million dollars. I ain’t talking about crypto. I’m talking about real U.S. green backs motherf—. Real U.S. dollars, no crypto.”

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