Tyson Fury says Deontay Wilder would beat Anthony Joshua in one round

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fury-wilder-towel-022320-getty-ftr (Getty Images)

Tyson Fury has made it clear that he intends to win emphatically against Deontay Wilder. The heavyweight rivals are scheduled to meet in Las Vegas on July 24th, and Fury has made a number of predictions regarding the outcome of his trilogy meeting with the heavy-handed American. 

Despite prophesising Wilder’s demise, Fury does believe that another one of his foes, Anthony Joshua, would not fare as well against the man he stopped in seven rounds in February 2020. 

Team Fury have spent the bulk of the last year trying desperately to nail down a fight with Joshua and on a number of occasions it appeared that the division’s belt holders were to set to put all their accolades on the line. 

That dream was shelved last month when an independent arbiter ruled that Wilder was entitled to a rematch with Fury. The Manchester heavyweight is now fully focused on his summer date with Wilder, a fighter he says who would make quick work of Joshua. 

"I'll deal with these guys [Joshua and Eddie Hearn] later - the most important thing to me is Wilder, the most dangerous heavyweight in the world who would knock out Joshua in the first round," said Fury to Sky Sports

"I've got to get past Wilder then those guys will get their five minutes of fame. I'll give them the biggest beatdown they have had in their lives. As I've told Eddie Hearn, the difference between me and them is they are businessmen and I'm a Spartan. 

"This talk of undisputed means nothing to me. I'm not Eddie Hearn or Anthony Joshua. I fight because this is what I do - it's what I was born to do. I've got nothing personal against Wilder. I don't care about belts, or that stuff being remembered. I care about smashing people.  

“If Wilder is in front of me, I will give him a good hiding. The motivation? It's what I was born to do. I'm not interested in money, belts or whatever comes with it. I'm interested in blood and the fight." 

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