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Tyson Fury's manager 'sure' he fights boxing superstar after Oleksandr Usyk

Tyson Fury's manager 'sure' he fights boxing superstar after Oleksandr UsykRichard Pelham/Getty Images
There's a long-awaited fight on the horizon.

Tyson Fury’s manager Spencer Brown is in no doubt that his fighter will defeat Oleksandr Usyk, but also believes he will then move on to fight Anthony Joshua.

Fury meets Usyk on Saturday, May 18 live on DAZN. The winner of the clash in Saudi Arabia will become the first-ever undisputed heavyweight champion of the four-belt era.

There are plenty of backers for each fighter going into the match-up, but unsurprisingly, Brown thinks his man will be successful.

Speaking to OLBG , he then claimed that Fury will go on to beat Joshua too.

He said: “It doesn't matter whether Tyson wins, loses or draws, it doesn't matter - Turki Alalshikh still wants him to fight Anthony Joshua. Simple as that - whether he wins, whether he loses, or whether he draws, the fight he wants is that fight [against AJ], so he will go after that fight.”

“I'm sure we will see Tyson Fury versus Anthony Joshua. When Tyson beats Usyk that fight is enormous, it's bigger than big, isn't it? The Saudis have mentioned it to me - and mentioned it to all of us - the first one would be in Riyadh and if there was a taste for a second one, they would put it on at Wembley. Imagine that.”

“I don't think Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua, in my opinion, will happen next because we have a rematch clause with Usyk. But it's all down to Turki's wallet. We've got a few scenarios here, is Usyk-Joshua a fight we want to see again? Or do we all want to Fury-Joshua?  When Usyk loses, does he say 'I'll take the step aside and then fight the winner'? Personally, probably yes.”

Live on DAZN: Fury vs. Usyk on May 18.  Click here for details.

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