Will we see a Hasim Rahman Jr. vs. Greg Hardy rematch?

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Hasim Rahman Jr Amanda Westcott/SHOWTIME

Akin ‘Ak’ Reyes and Barak Bess praised both Greg Hardy and Hasim Rahman Jr. for their efforts in the ring on Saturday.

The pair of them fought on the Deen The Great vs. Walid Sharks card, and Rahman had been due to headline until his opponent Vitor Belfort withdrew with days to go, as a result of contracting COVID.

Rahman fought another crossover fighter, Greg Hardy, who has experience in MMA as well as the NFL, and the professional boxer was the favourite ahead of the bout, despite giving up about 100lbs in weight to his opponent.

However, Hardy used his strength and size advantage, and coupled it with some impressive athleticism in order to secure a victory on the night, and even had energy to spare with some after-the-bell dancing.

Speaking on The DAZN Boxing Show, Ak believed the power Hardy had was just too much for Rahman, who typically fights at heavyweight.

“Greg was too heavy, probably 100lbs more than Hasim Rahman Jr.. The weight plays a part, but he was an athletic big guy. He brought the heat the entire fight, all four rounds. He just overwhelmed him.

Bess agreed, adding: “You don’t have a disparity of 94lbs [in professional boxing], when you get that much of a disparity, sometimes even skills can be overwhelmed, but that wasn’t the case. Greg Hardy didn’t rough him up, didn’t grab him, he was actually boxing. You look at the first round, that’s how I thought the fight would go: Hasim Rahman jabbing, staying away.

“But that second round Hardy closed that distance, Boom, the jab was sharp. Every punch that landed was able to hurt. That’s when that poundage came in.

“This guy was a fighter, he knew how to throw a fight. I just didn’t expect him to jab like that, to move like he moved. After the fight he still had energy, he was dancing. I think maybe Hasim Rahman tired out, because those punches can take the wind out of you.

“Credit for Hasim Rahman fighting the late replacement 100lbs lighter and for saying, ‘I need a rematch.’”


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