What are the rules of darts? What is the bullseye? What is the most you can score in a single throw or visit?

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DAZN will be showing the Premier League Darts tournament in many regions across the world for the coming season and offers the chance for viewers to watch some of the biggest names in the sport compete for huge prizes and honours.

The rules of darts are set by the Dart Regulation Authority.

With a comprehensive set of rules to follow, here is a guideline to the regulations players and tournaments abide by.

How many points do you start with in darts?

Players begin each leg of a match with 501 points on the boards. The players must then bring their score down to zero by hitting areas on the board representing certain amounts of points.

How do you win a game of darts?

By winning the majority of legs, you win a leg by reaching zero before your opponent. However, you have to finish by hitting a double or treble with your last dart (explained below).

How is a dartboard laid out?

There are 20 segments next to one another on a dartboard, representing 1 to 20, with a circle representing 25 around the middle bullseye, worth 50.

Each segment except 25 and 50 have thin bands running through the middle and at the top. The outermost band represents double the amount on the segment i.e. double on a 1 represents 2 points. The innermost band represents triple the amount on the segment i.e. treble on a 1 represents 3 points.

What is the most you can score in one throw in darts?

The highest you can score with one dart is a single treble 20, scoring 60.

What is the most you can score in three throws in darts?

A single visit or turn to the board gives the player the chance to throw three darts. By hitting three treble 20s you can score 180.

How big is a dartboard?

The dartboard has a diameter of 17.75 inches or 45.1 centimetres.

How far do you need to step back from a dartboard?

The dart board is 5 feet 8 inches high against a wall, and is 7 feet 9.26 inches from the oche. The oche is the line which you must stand behind to throw the dart.

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