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'I know he's coming' - Huge update on Francis Ngannou joining PFL

'I know he's coming' - Huge update on Francis Ngannou joining PFLDAZN

Is Francis Ngannou heading to the PFL? Dan Hardy certainly thinks so and is very confident that the former UFC star will soon show up in the thriving MMA organisation.  

The Head of Fighter Operations for PFL Europe, Hardy is well aware of the impact Ngannou arriving at the company could have and it appears he’s expecting the French star. 

Ngannou is inactive and has been since he defeated Ciryl Gane at UFC 270 at the beginning of 2022.  

Since leaving the UFC, there’s been plenty of speculation regarding the next move of Ngannou with Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury linked to bouts with the cage specialist.  

Despite his name being attached to high profile boxers, Hardy believes that a move to PFL could be next. 

“We’ll have Francis Ngannou in no time coming over and fighting for it,” said Hardy when speaking with Middle Easy.

“I just feel it in my bones. I know he’s coming. I just know he’s coming. I can just feel it. It makes sense. His demands for the UFC is exactly what the PFL are offering. 

“Everything that he was asking for from the UFC, it’s already on the table over here as long as the money’s on the table alongside to match the heavyweight king’s purse, then I think you’ll be happy, and I think we can certainly do that for him.” 

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