Jorge Masvidal: 'I could prove a lot in a boxing fight' with Canelo

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About an hour before Jorge Masvidal had an altercation with Kamaru Usman on Radio Row during Super Bowl week, he was doubling down on his interest about fighting Saul "Canelo" Alvarez in the boxing ring.

The UFC BMF champion gave credit to Canelo for being an "animal" and a pretty "bad motherf—", but vowed that he could give the face of boxing a serious test in the ring.

"I always like to push myself as much as I can and Canelo is that guy — he's a f—ing beast," Masvidal said to DAZN News' Andreas Hale on Wednesday before his confrontation with Usman. "Everybody's telling me that he'll knock me out, this and that, and I'm telling everybody, 'No, watch and see.' I have my own plans."

That being said, Masvidal owned up to the fact that he doesn't have remotely close to the hours Alvarez has honing his sweet science skills, but that he'd still be a threat to give the Mexican boxer a stern challenge.

"But I'm still something that's special," he continued, "and I could prove a lot in a boxing fight."

In addition to Alvarez, Masvidal also mentioned his interest in fighting boxing legends Floyd Mayweather Jr. or Manny Pacquiao.

"Not only are they so amazing, (they're) separated from the pack," Masvidal said of Alvarez, Mayweather and Pacquiao. "They've done amazing things in their career. I'd love to test my mettle against theirs and I'll go into their own world because I'm that much of a bad motherf—, you know?"

As far as MMA goes, Masvidal has seemingly prioritized facing Usman over Conor McGregor for now. However, securing a possible Alvarez showdown would almost certainly give Masvidal his biggest bag yet.

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